Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Precautionary Principle Tyranny

Understanding the Implacable Enemy Within the West -- part 4.

Christinewjc: I apologize if I am not "getting" your point regarding the "precautionary principle." I read your recent blog post about it and have concluded that perhaps I need an example?#

Someone charges that your ideas are a threat to humanity. Your normal defense is that they must prove it. They counter that IF they are right, the danger is so bad that the burden of proof shifts to you. They, under color of authority, go on and ban your normal operations, demanding that you first prove that your efforts are not a danger before they allow you to proceed. Rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, "freedom of speech and assembly and of religion" and "innocent until proven guilty," have been discarded wherever the Precautionary Principle has been recognized.

Judeo-Christian ethics and the Western tradition views innocent human life with sanctity. Human life is holy. Under the cover of the Precautionary Principle, Greens insist that Malthusianism has to be given the upper hand; that a human's usefulness must be weighed in order to determine their innocence; and that old line moralists are a threat to those who seek to supersede Judeo-Christian morality with morality founded upon those who worship Sustainability.
Thanks for that explanation, Pascal. #

I must say that it is kind of ironic that some leftist secular progressives (especially the celebrity types) might use such an idea against Christian Conservative viewpoints, but ignore the dangers of Islam and label it "the religion of peace" when, for the most part, it has been quite the opposite for centuries.

Kind of ironic, yes. There is little true irony when it comes to the implementation of renewed authoritarianism. When each new bar to individual freedom is preceded by the implementers claiming to be achieving the opposite of what you are witnessing, the only irony (unless it's duplicity) is to be found in those who sincerely believe they are watchdogs as those consequences unfold right before their eyes.

Want a new approach to fight each attempted new breech of individual rights? Discover how your adversaries have employed the Precautionary Principle, then go on to reveal how their plans are a greater threat to humanity than anything you might do. Defeating the tactic and turning the tables becomes easier when more people comprehend how they're under attack because you've stripped the facade away from the attackers.

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