Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Better Red Than Dead?..."

"Better Red Than Dead?...There You Go Again!"See the video below.
There's your new slogan America*. How could I have been so blind?

In a comment of mine, inspired by Mark Alger's ruminations, I lamented of coming up with a new slogan that encapsulates the intentions of the Greens. To preserve humanity they will see to it that we sacrifice to their new god, Sustainability.

  • They will demand you must sacrifice your way of life to Sus. 
  • You must sacrifice your old and lame to Sus. 
  • You must sacrifice your posterity to Sus not yet in a manner reminiscent of pagan Moloch worship (but who knows?). 
  • You may even be called to sacrifice yourself to Sus. 
  • But most of all, Sus is a nervous god. You must cashier your Judeo-Christian ethic. Given the secular war against Christianity, it's clear they hold a view identical to what their megalomaniacal predecessor called "that Jewish disease."

It's really quite simple. Since the greens are apopletic about the "carbon footprint" each of us human beings imprints upon the earth, and since they have invested in themselves the moral superiority to speak for all of us on the matter of our "sustainability" as a species on this planet, they have essentially begun singing to the old Marxist tune of "The Internationale" but with lyrics changed from defending the worker from exploitation to protecting us all from overburdening the earth with ourselves.

Understand this you red flag waving fools:
Rule by Reds Means Your Death
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Hat-tip to Breitbart for the above video. Marxism: The Ideology That Systematically Murdered 100 Million Human Beings. You know how they would save our planet, right?

*For those needing further explanation,

The phrase "Better Red Than Dead" was the "argument" offered by American communist sympathizers and apologists (pinkos) in their failed effort to get the rest of America to accept Soviet hegemony early in the Cold War.

It was not too long afterward that  Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) became the American strategic answer to the Soviet threat of nuclear war. The thinking behind MAD was, in its way, similar to one of America's earliest slogans "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute"  that led up to President Thomas Jefferson formally recognizing the war declared on us by the Barbary Pirates.

Communist collectivism is essentially an economic system with a centralized authoritarian command and control hierarchy. It is what was called Totalitarianism in the Soviet days; what is now referred to in historical references as Marxist/Socialist/Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist, and what is called Statism or Globalism today. It is what the Green's seek.

Since then, the Greens have become the predominant proponent of the same form of systems but instead of championing the downtrodden worker they are pretending to defend us from ourselves just because such a premise serves their purpose of achieving global power.

Stop them Americans! The rest of the world is counting on you!

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