Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Which Story is Sinister Media Pursuing?

Well, this really started out as a simple thought about a major human failing. It's one I've explored before, but it has come up again today involving two quite separate stories.

And then I rewrote my title and took a different track.

  1. There's the battle to keep a lid on the overcooked data that -- I pray -- is lost as it would snatch defeat from the joys of victory for the climate schemers. 
  2. And there's the battle by one public man to not reveal something that would be outrageously intrusive to ask of a private man. 

The news about Tiger Woods is really a personal story. The details of it should, and I hope will, remain private.

Yes, he has achieved status due his talent and hard work. But his large rewards are less due to the value of his work and more due to a cockeyed world that adores celebrity. That world, due to its raining awards for celebrity, thinks it is entitled to know all, to celebrate his falter as it were (whether or not it indeed is).

Tiger, if I were you, I'd say "I have enough of what you, crazy world, have offered. What more can I spend? If you don't back off, I will retire." Whatever happened, I hope the young man recovers all he may have lost. Forgive and be forgiven.

It's not as if Tiger, in his possible error, had been aiding and abetting those on the verge of enslaving the entire planet.

And which story is the Sinister Media Pursuing?

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