Monday, December 28, 2009

BHO: "Great Job Brownie, uh,... Janet"

Brownie Janet, you're doing a heck of a job.” -- BHO in his silence.

One day after repeatedly saying "The system worked" on her round of Sunday talk shows, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano admitted that the aviation security system failed.
Our system did not work in this instance,” she said on NBC’s “Today” show.
There was no further comment from the Barack Hussein Obama White House on her job performance, so one may fairly say that Obama's approval of Janet "Brownnoser" Napolitano stands as noted in the headline of this post. Until further notice....

When it comes down to it folks, I worry about what words we adults can come up with that will help our neighbors better understand what their government has morphed into.

We have "elected" officials who appoint and approve lieutenants.
It is clear that several lieutenants leave threats to innocent human life cavalierly to luck.
For 24 hours Napolitano bluffs her competence. The ridicule gets so bad even she has to relent, but only to the point of claiming the words of her bluff were "taken out of context."

Her agency has long been treating everyone as if they might be a terrorist whether or not they are a credible threat.
Now, subsequent to this near miss, she will undoubtedly increase the discomfort to and unwarranted treatment-as-suspects of the innocent.

The Dutch were willing to scan passengers unobtrusively via electronic devises, But that is not good enough for the likes of those who determine the rules in our government. The Dutch did not use their equipment due to the insistence of the  US government for an America bound plane.

In a nutshell: our own government is aiding and abetting terrorists to terrorize us!

My fellow Americans, our country is sick. It is a sickness of the brain. The sickness is clearly the worst at the top. These people are either on mind-altering drugs, or they are flat-out insane on their own, or both in some bizarre combination.

In your private conversations, list these facts. Support all who conclude that mental illness our most pressing problem, and laugh at all the rest.

Your life, and the life of those who rely upon you to protect them, may soon depend on your efforts to shift public opinion in the right direction.


  1. It was posited on the Glenn Beck show a week or so ago, that that weird display in the sky over Oslo was not a failed Russian rocket, but a wormhole, and that we are in a parallel dimension to our "normal" world. Are we doomed?

  2. You may not have seen the additions I made to my original post Ed, as I finished shortly after you posted.

    Those on the Glenn Beck show may have been engaging in wishful thinking!

    Had Glenn instead averred that so many at the top in our government are either flat-out insane or imbibing strong, mind-altering drugs, I think that would have led to finally bringing an end to his show, and maybe even be the first nail in his own coffin.

    Such conclusions need to be stated by the more sober common people before things will change at the top. In any case, I do not foresee a pretty ending.

    Again: God grant us the courage to face and strength to repel the horrors to come.

  3. I referenced your post in a comment here:


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