Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rules For Radicals

What would be a natural category on an episode of All-Tsar Jeopardy?

Or "All Czar Jeopardy" for those purists who'll insist on following the American media's choice of spelling for the Russian inspired word. I prefer Tsar because it looks like a misspelling of Star.

And thanks to Joan of Argghh! for the inspiration in comments.


  1. Hmmm... I thought I'd left a comment here. . .

  2. 1) Tax Law
    2) The Constitution
    3) History of Radicalism in the West
    4) Chicago
    5) Narcissism

  3. 1. "Acorns" and other nuts
    2. The Trouble with "Barry"
    3. "Con"stitutional Law
    4. The Scientific Method and other myths
    5. Famous birth certificates

  4. No, it was about the spelling of Tsar. I like it because it sounds better:

    "Is there a proper blessing for tseh Tsar?"

    "May G-d bless and keep tseh Tsar. . . far from us!"

    Apologies to Fiddler on the Roof.

  5. Google's biases being well known, perhaps your first attempt was not so much lost as tsar-crossed.

    Thanks for trying again. I'm glad to I find I'm not the only one who remembers that line from Fiddler (which I employ for a distant member of the family and get laughs all around).

  6. Deadcenter: your categories are a bit too series, but they nevertheless help focus attention on areas under assault, so not bad.

    Guy S: your categories are in the spirit of what we're aiming for. Now we wait for the muse (or Sinister Media) to come along and club us with an "answer" for which a fitting question may be conjured. :)

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