Friday, December 04, 2009

Penetrate Their Thick Skulls

The effete snobs at the top of our celebrity culture know that Pascal employed ridicule to bring down their 17th century predecessors, so they have pretty much foreseen and prepared for us to try and do the same to them now. The following is from my post at BC this morning.

Many BC commentators (Life Of The Mind’s analysis1 is outstanding with extracts below the break) have indicated that Pascal’s device (”Elitists lose their power over the rest of the community once their pretensions are not taken seriously.” — Alexis) is greatly diminished in effect in our time. (Thank you Don Rickles and “Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts” for showing [the snobs] the way. </s> )

Our current crop of despots and charlatans have become calloused. They’ve trained to make it seem they are inured; that any verbal slings and arrows we lowlifes toss will appear to bounce off them. Their self-importance demands it — so naturally I came up with the silliest of posts to counter-balance them.

However, we should all keep on trying in the hopes that we simply have not stumbled upon the proper barbs that will penetrate their thick skulls.

1LOTM's analysis, truncated but with emphasis added, follows:

Here you touch on how PC has sapped the reflexes needed to defend civilization. The withdrawal of the normal ability to rely on ridicule for those whose conduct is seen as potentially disruptive to the stability of the community was an essential first step that enabled all the otherwise inexplicable projects and behaviors that have arisen unchecked in the last 50 years....

The real masters at the use and abuse of sarcasm, innuendo and ridicule to control a social situation are in the homosexual community. Under the guise of PC they have obtained a near monopoly on the use of those tools to destroy others ... has had repercussions far beyond the lives of members of a sexual minority. Less defensible but entirely human was their persisting in using the same weapons that they were restricting from general use. Unfortunately now that gays are protected from abuse, all of the abusers of the social marketplace can come out and flourish without fear.

In a prior age cranks, charlatans and narcissistic deviants would appear; just consider the Theosophists as an example. The difference was that all persons who considered themselves respectable would treat them with open contempt and a man would not have hesitated to physically throw one out of his way if any had the temerity to block his path. New tools for indicating disapproval are needed and a new cultural understanding that tolerance does not mean approval.

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