Wednesday, August 28, 2013

STOP Funding the Enemy

I received yet another email request for funds from the Tea Party "Patriots" Citizens Fund.

Here is the maddening segment of Jenny Beth Martin's reasons for her request for funds.
2) We need to bombard targeted Senators with ads. The constituents of every single wishy-washy “Republican” need to understand what is at stake. We just don’t yet have the funding we need to buy these ads. 

Someone this stupid has no business being in the business of fighting the Establishment. As far as I am concerned, she is essentially an antidisestablishmentarian. 

Hey, maybe I'm overly sensitive, but am I wrong is this? Speaking as a reluctant blogger, one who would rather be gardening and visiting his children among other things, my primary reason for blogging has been to provide counter-arguments, meager as they are, to the relentless propaganda issuing from the Soviet-style media (SSM).

I cannot see any gain in providing funds to run ads that will only provide those same rotten institutions material to editorialize against. But worse, if it is true that their ad revenue IS falling, why oh why would we help sustain them in any way? It's one thing not to storm their offices on a daily basis in protest, but it is another diametrically opposite thing to give them money. Sheesh -- this is NOT rocket science.

Ok. Tell me how to get through to this person allegedly on our side. If she is permitted to go on without the millions she is emailing hearing this perspective, that is potentially tens of millions of dollars she personally will funnel to our enemy for an ad campaign we already know our politicians will ignore because they listen to the people who actually give the pols money, not the SSM.


If she is permitted to go on -- and the millions she reaches do not hear of this perspective I am warning about -- and then succeeds, that is potentially tens of millions of dollars she personally will funnel to our enemy. All for an ad campaign that we already know from bitter experience that politicians will ignore because they listen to the people who fund them far more than we do. And that is even assuming that those same politicians are not adhering to an anti-conservative, anti-constitutional agenda already.
It is worse than pissing our money away down a hole. It is giving our money to arguably our worst enemy, the SSM.


  1. Ads, it would seem, are less effective at getting the attention of politicians than direct contact from multiple constituents. So ads, besides “aiding the enemy” are wasting money and are a waste of time. Unless, that is, they motivate the constituents to get in the politicians’ faces.

    1. I'm relieved you see it that way too. Well, except for your unless which is probably not worth the return on investment in addition to the risk of keeping the media outlet alive. If ads ever did motivate constituents to get in the faces of their elected representatives, I think that time is long passed because readership is way down.

  2. TEA party is grass roots.

    Certain types are trying to raise money off of the TEA party efforts, just like party establishment.

    Just do what you always do- talk to friends, neighbors, go to town hall meetings.

    the TEA party patriots don't send money and sit around waiting for others to do our work for us.

    Fundraisers are making money in some cases just for the sake of making money.

    Be careful who you donate to.

    Most of the REAL TEA party activity I have seen is more of a ‘call to action’ rather than a “send me money.”

  3. don’t know which is worse, really, the Email from the Tea Party Patriots Fund and what they want donations to do, or the just as unintelligent and unorganized lead argument here against that Email??

    If there is a good argument against the Tea Party Patriots Email, someone besides you needs to put that argument forward with a lot more organized and rational sense to it.

    1. Thanks for volunteering. When you come up with it, be sure to let me know so that I might learn from the master.

  4. Hmmm.... tell her to take the mini van, park it smack across a couple lanes of any intersection/highway. leave it.

    better results

  5. I perforce delete the tea party pleas. They are taking a page from the play book of our masters.

    Make the lemmings afraid so that they will group up and be easier to herd.

    Works herding cattle, sheep or pigs. They would be afraid of the dog and herd up. Put the threat on the side opposite the direction you wanted them to go.

    The T.E.A. party shows up with the guy on the soap box in the park, not by some slick add denouncing something the government has done.

    We all suffer from the desire to not be noticed. That is why we are in this state.

    There are a lot of things I would rather do, but they all depend on the status quo continuing. I no longer believe that the status quo will continue, but I am also convinced it is too late to do much to correct the imbalance I see.

    Therefore I will not be giving any money to anyone unless I see the need at my local level. That is the group that will get us through what ever is coming.

    1. "We all suffer from the desire to not be noticed."

      I'd be interested on your deeper thoughts on this. Especially nowadays when it's veritably impossible to be off the radar.


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