Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's Gonna Be Hard to Blame Bummer...

for the continuing crises in America, foreign and domestic, as his highness has now shown himself to be the wimp the grassroots conservative has known him to be.

What with Bummer now a laughing stock over his bungling his redline ultimatum to Assad, the real losers are those who have been cowering from the Bummer's media hyped invincibility -- John Boehner being the most craven of the Republicans. But what about the other members of the GOP who keep letting Boehner continuously cower to Bummer and his SSM?

The only ones fooled by the inactions to defund Obamacare, defang the IRS and EPA, and reign in all other departments caught in scandals, are those who prefer to appear foolish rather than complicit.

The revolt need not be bloody if enough people start taking advantage of the veil's having been penetrated. There are tactical openings here. I pray decent men rush in to fill the vacuum. I say pray, because all power seekers I've met or are familar with have hardly been trustworthy. The openings are there and getting wider. How much longer before the penny drops?


  1. One could agrue that anyone entering the political areana at this point would have less that stellar ambitions.

    I am thinking Ann Barnhardt has the idea of it, just that the method she is using will disapate should things turn really ugly.

    My wife is betting on something like occured in the 30's. A time her mother remembers. I don't think the underlying civility we had then is still in place. I fear a much uglier group becoming hobos and the other roaming peoples headed for the greener grass over the horizion.

    Although we just did a day trip across the north eastern part of the state I live and I found some very interesting things. I need to think on them before I can align them with my current world view.

    1. I surely wish you well Paul. With faith you'll always have something to draw upon.

  2. Yes, faith is a valuable tool.

    The thing that I saw which gave me some hope was the people who where bused out of the projects in Chicago have been interspersed through out the regions heading west. Small towns now all have a group of colored people living in them and for the most part, have been assimilated into the community. The young where working at jobs and did not appear to be sullen misfits.

    I also did not see any open racism from either side. It looks like bringing them out of the city might be a way to break the gang cycle.

    Now if we could get a handle on the illegal immigration and the slow degradation of our society that is causing, we might be able to dig out way out of the mess we find ourselves in.

    We live in interesting times.


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