Friday, August 23, 2013

McCain, Graham, et al: Radical Leftwing Republicans

No, don't rub your eyes.  This post's title exemplifies the kind of language you need to begin using in order to break the stranglehold the Left has on discussion -- and yes, even on your thoughts.

Be a good iconoclast and break that barrier that you did not construct but has been hamstringing you from really gaining the upper hand in the one political party that is allegedly pro-constitution.

I was spurred to action by an email I received this morning from the "Tea Party Patriots" (yes, those are scorn quotes until proven otherwise) as written by Sean Hannity.

It began (all emphasis in the original):

**A Special Message from Sean Hannity**

Dear Patriot,
Tea Party Patriots is going toe-to-toe with John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the rest of the moderate Republicans who don’t want to stop Obamacare.
These inside-the-beltway compromisers let Barack Obama exempt big business from Obamacare. Then, they exempted themselves. But they refuse to exempt you and me!
That’s why I’ve made it my personal mission to help Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots raise the money they need to win this battle to Exempt America from Obamacare!

Sean Hannity, let me edit that for you:
Tea Party Patriots is going toe-to-toe with John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the rest of the moderate radical Progressive Republicans who don’t want to stop Obamacare.  To "not want to stop Obamacare" is not moderate sir, it is a radical position, just as were the congressional ploys used to pass it in the first place.

You can help forge a big change in the discussion and direction of the GOP.

Sean Hannity and all the rest of the "conservative" talkers need to be led, as usual, by their brighter listeners. I only wish I was bright enough earlier to have learned how to make the case clearer to more loyal Americans.

Well, it is not too late to do your part.
  • Each time you call -- and refer to these GOP "Progressives" -- use terms that have no inkling of moderate in them. 
  • If you know of others who call, convince them that this is true. 
These GOP pols have been and continue to be radicals in their aiding the Democrats' agenda and in slurring conservatives every chance they get.  They call you racist, xenophobic, homophobic, crazy every chance they get. That is moderate? Since when?

So label them appropriately. They have thoroughly earned the radical label and our enmity.


  1. At this point I find no difference in the Tea Party or Republican or Democratic candidates. Until some officials are prosecuted for high crimes and misdemeanors, I will not execute any of my legal franchises.

    We cannot have a reset until this gang of crooks is out of office so I think I will add to my stores and maybe put together a community watch group.

    1. Well, the chances of getting Fed officials prosecuted for HC&M under the current system depends heavily on outcomes of the franchises. So that "until" to which you refer would seem to be unobtainable.

      So you too feel the TEA Party movement has too much ruse to it? Considering it was conceived on CNBC, a cousin of MSNBC, that should surprise nobody who understands Orwell. Still, there are good people in the movement. Separating the wheat from the chaff takes work and trust, in a world where the former is almost foreign to many of us, and that latter scarce as usual.

      I think the best chance is in your last paragraph. America's best bet is getting busy in making it so.

  2. I think the tea party started right. The news media tarred it to the point that the good people left the movement so what was elected were rent seekers that could not make it as republicans or democrats, both of which have become nepotistic hot beds of corruption.

    I fear any reset will involve violence and that is a terrible tool. The only thing it is good for is destruction.

    I recall once discussing negative feed back loops. The feed back loop will create cycles of increasing amplitude until the transmission media breaks down. Almost any method by where laws are used to control populations would be negative feedback. And opinion polls to control things would also contribute to that kind of oscillation.

    This is the war season and our leaders are dithering. Like it or not we are the shining city on the hill. The wolves are circling.

    And I don't even want to get started on the economy.

    This is rambling, but I see three thread that could each be our undoing coming together.

    Maybe someone smarter than me can see a reset button that might work, but that would be new in history and that rarely happens.

    1. "I think the tea party started right."

      It is troubling that it took a rant by CNBC editor Rick Santelli to provide the spark. There is no doubt good people turned up on the day he announced for a national town hall event, but speakers at various venues was preselected by those who controlled the area. Smaller events had lessened impact as the enormity of the bigger venues held sway.

      And of course, the Soviet-style media is always gonna back the Kremlin/Reichstag.

      Real leadership, God willing, will form out of necessity, not as pleases some soviet. Never forget what Orwell told us about organized resistance to Big Brother. The "Ministry of Truth" never ceased its condemnation of it and "Goldstein." Yet both were the creation of the inner party and under control of O'Brien at the "Ministry of Love," and were designed to entrap the more independent/intelligent members of the useful idiots of the outer party.

  3. Excellent article and I agree 100%!

    BTW, the first Progressive president was Teddy Roosevelt who created the short lived American Empire, and in the entire 20th century only two conservative Republican presidents were elected.

    Yes, there are differences between the Progressive Republicans and the Progressive Democrats - the Republican ruling elite still want that American Empire and love to play cop to the world; whereas, the Progressive Democrats are socialists with a capital "S" who want the endgame of socialism, which is communism; however, the bottom line is that both want Big Government.

    Thus, national socialism without the parades and uniforms is the grand compromise of the Democrat and Republican ruling class.

    Time for a Second U.S. Revolution!

    1. "Thus, national socialism without the parades and uniforms is the grand compromise of the Democrat and Republican ruling class."

      We are on the same page historically and diagnostically Ron. See my series of posts that began August 5. They were prompted by my discovery that several Lefty sites have been brazenly quoting Huey Long
      "Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism."

      That is, they see themselves as the brains of a fascist state but with "the right people" in charge. Since most of them don't know Gulag Archipelago or its reality, we can take solace that they are only as bright in their little Leftist echo chamber.


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