Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Overt Fascism, Explicit Projection

I purposely left out commentary about the last line of the link that prompted yesterday's post, Overt Fascism, the Projection.

I figured the agitproping bastard, should he follow the link back, didn't need to know easily that I understood why he ended his braggadocio with the following:
Louisiana Senator Huey Long, a mesmerizing agitator, once said, "Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism."  
This quote is what prompted the "explicit projection" of today's title. Let me explain.

Every Progressive, Left or Right, always accuses conservatives of fascism. The implication is that they are anti-fascist.  -- "Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism."

Their claim is that they form the vanguard that protects America from all those people they call fascist. This is their propaganda. Fascist. The media has long been in cahoots with that line of thinking. Fascist. The Progressive Republicans have always been the ones saving the party from being overrun by the far right wing. Fascist Big Lie.

Who is not aware that Bummer is in bed with many large companies and their CEOs? Jeffrey Immelt of General Electric was the most noted and involved of them, but need I list them all? Fascist.

The campaigns of attempting to make TEA Party look dangerous and all white? Do you recall that Arizona TEA party with the photo of the attendee with the scary looking assault rifle? But the photo had been trimmed to hide the fact that a black man was attending the gathering with a rifle and nobody there bitched. That instance was altered to fit the "anti-fascist" narrative. It just so happens to  match the very same formula Mr. Schechter used in his screed:  "The people are rallied into a unifying patriotic frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived common threat or foe: racial ethnic or religious minorities."

It just so happens, that in the real world, our Soviet-Style Media is doing exactly that, but the hatred and fear is directed at the white, European, Judeo-Christian minority. I say minority, because they really are excluded more and more from government (see Gresham's Law.) The model the Statists (masquerading as antifascists) are using is Lenin's where the minority Bolsheviks outmaneuvered the larger population Mensheviks.

And another thing here. I've many times in these pages pointed out the primary difference behind what drove the collectivist mentalities of the 20th Century, all of which had "Progressive" roots with its Malthusian and Eugenic ideas.

The Primary difference between the "socialist" ideology of Soviet Union and the Axis powers was this. That the former sought to enslave all the globes people and then pick and choose who should survive. The Axis powers were called national socialist, and they wanted to have their master races rule and survive.

You all know the bloody history of both. You should be shuddering to think of what Mr. Schechtor was bragging about. His International Social Progressives have accomplished what Huey Long said they would do if they pretended to be anti-fascists. They would achieve the power of fascists but still have the same megalomaniacal goals of the world government that the Soviet Union sought.

Will Khruschev's words come true "we will bury you?"  Mr. Schechtor was bragging like it had been accomplished in 2011 even before Bummer was reelected.

By the way, Mr. S is not the only Lefty telling his readers that "Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism." That is, with "the right people" in control this time.  Do a web search and see for yourself.

One more thing for Mr. S and his comrades. It is long past time for you to read the consequences for yourself in this world for putting your faith in "the right people" instead of your Maker. Go read Gulag Archipelago while you still have some options.

Anyway, for the normal reader, the bottom line is this. By claiming the label "anti-fascist," the Progs have maneuvered themselves into nearly achieving the fascist control of America, with Bummer as their first dictator. With the official opposition to their dictator represented by two weak images -- the crying Speaker John Boehner and the compromised Chief Justice John Roberts -- you can see the need for a really cohesive TEA party movement. The next order of business it for you to seek out locally fresh and honest leaders.


  1. I think we need to start referring to the TEA party as the T.E.A. Party. The short cut is giving the left the ability to use terms like TEA bagger. if they have to say Taxed Enough Already bagger it loses some its zip.

    I also think we will be at our nadir in the 2016 elections as we will be nearing the end of the electeds ability to run to fascism. At that point the sitting president will not be able to be reelected and should they fail in cooking the election to ensure HillBill they will try other avenues to retain control.

    I fully expect a 95% vote for hillary though.

  2. You may not wish to say it Paul, but I have a hunch you are well ahead of my advice in seeking what I prescribed in my closing lines. I really pray there are many more like you. The alternative is unspeakable.


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