Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Thought Crime and Mental Illness -- Updated

There are way too many out there who do not know their history, even recent history.

In the Soviet Union, those who opposed or were accused of opposing or were suspected of opposing the Soviet regime would be investigated. If it pleased the apparatchik in charge, the person investigated could find himself in a mental institution overnight. Over the week; turned to months; turned to years. All due to a report of suspicions.

Remember that and pass it along in light of the following I just heard on the radio reminded me of it.
Mark Taylor sitting in for Dennis Prager, reported that Obama was planning a crack down on firearms via executive order. And that in that plan it was rumored (from "credible sources" he said) that Obama would include "'suspected' of being mentally unsound" as justification for seizing guns (particularly from vets).  That being the case, nobody will be safe.
'being charged with it is all it will take for the Feds to swoop in, kick down the walls looking for firearms... Obama's executive order would be acted upon if you are charged with being unsound by anyone: your ex; the neighbor who is feuding with you; an employee you fire. And on that pretext they will be knocking on your door. That's the word we have.' -- Mark Taylor:

Be accused of behaving in an unstable manner and be accused of being in possession of firearms and....

What more do I need to say? How about: remember the title of this post.
  • Be in opposition to the ever enlarging federal government  
  • ➤ be suspected of thought crime.
  • ➤ be accused of being mentally unstable. 
  • ➤ expect a loud knock on the door in the wee small hours.

That is history. Work at keeping it from being repeated. The pile of skulls wrought by all the little criminals and all the little lunatics combined is insignificant compared to the pile of any one of the police states of the last century.

An afterthought.
Police state:
a political unit characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police in place of regular operation of administrative and judicial organs of the government according to publicly known legal procedures.

I do not know why the definitions do not all note that a police state is impossible when anyone else but the authorities have weapons, but it ought to be clear enough. As even Mao, the tyrant who murdered the most subjects (to date), confessed, "All power grows out of the barrel of a gun."

As a matter for tactical consideration, I'd say it's long passed time our side of the battle consistently called out the other side for its craving for a police state.


  1. Obama has been far over-reaching on executive orders.
    We need the Senate back to check that.
    But enough would resort to court to challenge an Executive Order gun grab.
    It would be the defining moment.

  2. From http://badbadjuju.com/2013/01/gun-control-and-the-paradox-of-liberty/
    Who got it from The American Thinker.:
    The hatred of people leads to gun control. I am talking about not the shooter’s hatred, but the gun controller’s hatred.


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