Thursday, January 17, 2013


(Please don't miss update at the bottom either. Drudge stepped it up from making the comparison implied to making it explicit. Let's see the wobbly "conservative" talk show hosts stop your comparisons now.)





CBS's Schieffer Likens Obama Taking on NRA to 'Defeating the Nazis'...

And what is creepier are those who constantly invoke the so-called Godwin's Law with neither conscious thought nor conscience.  Conscious thought and conscience such as: those who would outlaw guns in private hands are aiding and abetting a police state.

Assisting this understanding is the fact that "Progressive" agenda  successes have been achieved incrementally. Incrementals. They are Incrementalists. Use that term or some term like it. They are NOT progressive,  dammit. Do not cede the moral high ground by allowing such a splendid word be used as the label for those who not only do not deserve it, but are people whose aim is repression. They are not for progress, they are for regress. They are seeking to overturn the most free nation on the Earth and consign its posterity to be subjects of some corporate-statist, or fascist, or communist, or what-have-you, repressive regime. Grow up Americans.

Well? Where are the adults? Well, not hosting the Hugh Hewitt show (where we find a SKUNC who loves to invoke Godwin whenever any comparison to Nazis is in sight).

Thanks to Matt Drudge for juxtaposing these photos today to go along with those headlines shown in the captions. With Drudge calling attention to this makes it much more difficult for wobblies like Hewitt to shout down callers who make the comparison on each issue that begs to be compared with the actions of tyrants and murderers who came to power before.


More from Drudge, later in the same day.
FLASHBACK: Tyrants Who Have Used Children As Props...
Oh, please do click that caption even if it is a link to Alex Jones, broken clocks and all.

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  1. We shall see what happens. If enough states have the courage to back up what they are saying publicly....calling the Feds on their EOs regarding gun controls/guns and other might...might start the house of cards to falling.

    In any case there will likely be only two options.

    1. Civil War (You could break that down as either happening very quickly or taking some period of time to come about...especially if there is some form of secession by said states...but come it wil.)


    2. The sheeple bend to the will of the State. We all continue on with our bread and circuses...the entitlement crowd .....well you get the idea. I think though, even this will end up in some sort of bloodshed. It may take generations, but it will come, either from with in ... in the form of some sort of revolt or from without... there are barbarians at the gates after all.

    We shall see.


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