Monday, January 07, 2013

KG at Crusader Rabbit brings to our attention an editorial in a print tabloid that I think needed to be posted decades ago but for the fact that nobody wanted to believe there really are people who hate the human race and individualists in particular.  The following is how 'Fight for your life today' begins.
Today is the day to fight for your life. Within weeks, proposed laws will be decided that would destroy your ability to protect your family from predators, including criminals, and, especially, the political wolves who can force you to live, or die, on their terms....
Finally understand that gun control is only one aspect of the great threat.

We see misanthropes every day. In fact there are times that our fellow man is such a PITA that just about everyone feels the same inclinations until our better angels take hold.

And we all know Malthusian Greenies. Regular readers have seen the 10-10 No Pressure video, and that was only suggestive. See, now even mainstream TV dramas have used serial murderers who justified their killings with reference to such extreme Green rationales (viz.: see the Blue Bloods episode of Friday Jan 4 Fathers and Sons). When finally caught and subdued, the killer boasts "future generations will declare me a hero."

Startling and uneasy maybe, but only fiction you say? Then you are not paying attention to who is holding sway in Washington DC. When these two aspects, misanthropy and Malthusian true belief, are found mixed together in those who have significant influence at the highest levels of power (such as Obama’s science Czar John Holdren) then our danger from megalomania is no longer far fetched.

Megalomaniacal Malthusian Misanthropes even sounds clownish to me. Nevertheless it is hard not to see that both Holdren and Zeke Emanuel (Yes, the Godfather's brother) and their unseen promoters fit such a term quite well.

Given the proles created by our edukation systems, I don’t expect 99% to understand what any of those words mean.

But maybe the symbol M³, or the term M cubed could be inserted into common parlance. For instance referring to the threat of M cubed. Clearly I’m no PR guy, so what do I know — other than the threat is quite real and looming.

A reader asked me to clarify this post. I think he was correct. I came back and italicizes the three M words when I first mentioned them, and highlighted them when I linked them. Now what is meant by M³ should be clearer.


  1. Holdren or Zeke Emanuel could have been played by Peter Sellers ala Dr. Strangelove.

  2. I saw your comment at my blog today. Thank you for providing me with more information about John Holdren. I'm late to the Holdren "party."


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