Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Illogical Fear of Guns and Eloi

I left a comment at Joan of Argghh!'s "Gun Control And Sex Education." It was my reaction to several well-spoken who had tried logic to enlighten a strange new visitor. See, that visitor left a comment that was rather remarkable in its lack of understanding about inequalities in brute strength, as well as choices and consequences and responsibilities to ensure one can deal with brutes. In fact it revealed a rather childish understanding of how the world works historically and its threats. Eloi like.

So rather than respond to the Eloi directly I addressed a short diagnosis to Joan that I was certain she would understand. Since it was an open letter, it is also my hope that my words would also alleviate the frustrations of the other commenters who had tried to enlighten the Eloi using logical arguments.

pascal on  said:
Joan. I see an Eloi dropped by.
Logic and the childish mind do not a good fit make. It has been lulled into believing the government is filled with nicy-nice grown-ups. They can always be relied on for protection and could never ever be hiding any Mao monsters, whatever that is supposed to mean. Repeating in its little head is a loop: “Guns in the hands of govt: GOOD; guns in the hands of individuals — BAD.”

This Eloi brings to mind that wonderful line from one of Og’s commenters: “Those who know their history are condemned to watch those who don’t, repeat it.” - DaveK
I really do hope my comment plays well with the other commenters who tried to reason with the man-child. It identified itself as not being American. I wonder if its another Canuck like my Toronto Troll who, despite repeated requests to stop, insisted on inserting antigun diatribes in old posts that had nothing to do with guns. Whatever the case with this particular Eloi, I empathize with those who try to drill through thick skulls and discover a dry well.


  1. Well, it might have been an American who is living abroad. Let us pray he doesn't vote absentee.

  2. I was watching a Dutch movie last night. It was apparent that their criminal class has access to guns.

    This makes it a human rights issue: self-defense is bulwark of human dignity.

    1. That reminds me. I think it was a Dutch movie I saw in the 60s and maybe the 70s, or at least it was set in Amsterdam set sometime during the war years.

      During the initial occupation of Holland, the Gestapo had come to this house to confiscate the gun that was on the books with the local police registry. The gun was no longer there, having been stolen or whatever. But the Gestapo would not accept that there was no gun to turn in, so they burned down the house with occupants locked inside. I think the name was something like "The Siege" but that does not come up as accurate in any search. I'd sure like to find that film again. Maybe I should post a bleg about it just so maybe more who know films will recognize the plot element.

  3. Perhaps we need to hold up as an example what happened in Loganville, GA the other day, a locale I'm quite familiar with as to having lived a good bit of my life in the next county over. Quite simply, in a semi-rural area where the best response time for police would have been no less than 15-20 min tops, an intruder broke into a home that he knew was occupied and actually went to confront a terrified mother and her 9-year-old twin girls hiding in an crawlspace. Fortunately because she was able to legally purchase a gun and defend her home and family in the state of Georgia, the result was not the police finding a brutalized and traumatized, if not dead, family, but them hauling away a perp on a stretcher bleeding out from five .38 bullet holes. The only mistake I see that she made is that she should've been loaded with hollowpoints, that would've likely killed the guy, simplified any legal repercussions (which with the Castle Doctrine will be few anyway), and given her peace of mind that this particular individual would never be able to return and terrorize her family again.

    Now I'd like someone to read and examine that story carefully, and tell me some other way that situation could've had a happy ending had she not been armed and had the knowhow and presence of mind to use it correctly.


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