Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Knuckling Under to the Grating Dictator and His Lying Media

What was the point of struggling over the spending bill in the House of Representatives all these months if Boehner knew he was going to capitulate to the Senate spending bill without so much as a single alteration in conference committee?

So all that rushing around and gnashing of teeth in what was meant to be his attempt at finding compromise was only loads of melodramatic theater?

All the hoopla over what the Speaker of the House was going to demand in spending reductions and allow in tax increases was only a very thin smoke screen?
Demands from a limp noodle?
Allow from a spineless dolt?

Dear God give me a bigger platform so I can tell my fellow Americans what my grandfather said in the 1950s when the unprincipled government growing assholes were only beginning to make their move.

"The American people are so gullible and eager to be misled that should a demagogue come to power here, he'll make Hitler look like a piker."  -- Gpa Fervor, circa 1955

I am sick to my heart that so many many Americans are STILL unwilling to discuss out loud how our election process has been totally invalidated by the Statist schemers. The ruling class has won and you still refuse to acknowledge it.


  1. I believe there is a pivotal moment at hand, a tipping point if you will, that the statist' are overplaying their hands. While it is quite true that they have, by mission creep, won many battles that have given them their newly acquired brazeness, Americans will persevere. Once the final battle begins, it will end with a political/legal purge of those who have tried to change this country into some Europelite. The signs are there. We live in interesting times indeed.


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