Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Best Indeed

 I received the following cartoon in an email that reflected the cartoon's compliment to itself.

I fear my correspondent did not realize how true this may be. That is not because of the words of Constitutional delegate number 1, but because of the implied comments of delegates 2 and 3. Here are the summations of their words.

First Constitutional Convention delegate:
"I keep thinking we should include something in the Constitution in case the people elect a fucking moron."
Second delegate:
"By then, sir, it will be too late.
Even the most astute commentators will constantly resort to vulgar participles to make their points."

Third delegate:
"Even worse than that sir.
The people will never, ever ascribe malice to ills when they may project their own stupidity on the miscreants. Their re-enslavement will feel better that way."


  1. The cartoon was great!
    The dialogue better. And disturbing.

    1. Yes, disturbing was what prompted this post.

      Disturbing that my friend had not seen this old cartoon until yesterday.

      Disturbing that simply tossing out a vulgar derogation could be considered the best cartoon of all time.

      Disturbing that my friend still has not responded to my two comments describing the unstated implications of the cartoon.

      Disturbing that the unintended target for ridicule are those who resort to vulgarity and projected stupidity, and thus would include the cartoonist himself.

      Disturbing that dismissing behavior as moronic rather than deliberate makes life so much easier for cowards.

      Disturbing that depravity, laxity and cowardice may likely seal the fate of the greatest republic that has ever been created.

      Disturbing that I lack sufficient words with which to apologize to those who sacrificed so much only for us to let it end so ingloriously.

  2. Reinforcing delegate #3's prediction, we have this

    Ironic isn't it? That Dr Eowyn's blog has as a subtitle words from Heinlein, but somehow the good doctor missed other of Heinlein's words, the key phrase in his razor "BUT don't overlook malice."

    Yes indeed. It FEELS so much better to project stupidity on rulers than fight their evil or to admit your own cowardice.

    1. Well, you blew this criticism Pas. The quote used as subtitle to Dr Eowyn's blog is attributed to Orwell, not Heinlein.

      That said, I agree with your final paragraph. The good doctor, by avoiding the common sense reluctance of Heinlein's razor, shows herself to be no revolutionary.

      She is hardly alone.

      Nobody should need Heinlein's to tell them that after so much "idiocy" that constantly provides the "idiots" more power, that the idiots or cowards are not the public servants who are morphing into rulers, but the people who let them get away with it.


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