Sunday, September 07, 2014

Neverending Ploys for Ending Liberty

When I write about fighting the growing despotism, I see, along with many of you readers, how thoroughly the apparatchiks have penetrated our institutions and continue to run our lives based upon an ever increasing pile of lies.

So I often say we can only do that with G-d's help. When speaking to atheists, can that have any meaning? Yes, of course it can. I may imply nothing more than that we must fall back on physics rather than metaphysics, so that "G-d's help" wrings out as:
 "natural law has a way of building tsunamis of reality, like chickens coming home to roost, so that every stack of lies will inevitably be swamped."
Rhetorical question from Og: Like the global warming that has continued not to happen?

Yes, that hasn't stopped them from using The Lie as cover to steal our liberties incrementally.
Following Og's advice, I will continue to write short items like this before my writing skills cause them to grow so large nobody will ever read them.


  1. That's good advice from Og.
    However, if we can rely on "natural law" to create "tsunamis", is that not in the same league as unsubstantiated AGW?
    And then again, who needs God, if this "natural law" will work for us?

    1. Think about your question at length Ed. "Who needs G-d?" Especially when you take this to the next level as I did later today with

    2. Tsunami was was metaphorical Ed.

    3. I undertand your meaning.
      I'm saying that if you can find a substitute for God, why depend on God.
      Or has the substitute been made God?
      The AGW reference was confusing but meant to relate to false faith.

  2. "And then again, who needs God, if this "natural law" will work for us?"

    Noting Natural Law how natural works is no substitute for G-d. Certainly not in the short run; hence the adage "there's no atheists in fox holes." Lies built upon lies must fall. But before that happens, many individuals will be harmed or killed because of the lies. I, myself an agnostic because I it would be a lie for me to say "I know He is there," fully recognize that I pray for His intercession where evil is too strong for me alone.

    My point was that nothing the evil ones engage in can last long. That is Natural Law. Individuals seeking out G-d for aid in their suffering under evil (and even from natural events) is precisely why the evil ones can never eradicate Him from the minds of men.


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