Sunday, September 21, 2014

Misanthropic Tactic Number 1

I'm calling this tactic number 1 of the misanthropes because their contempt for "lesser" humanity seems affirmed each time they can get some dunce to believe that large gains can come from small falsehoods. That they managed to sell a Brooklyn Bridge to the dunce at little cost and great benefit to them is only the practical goal. Proving there are so many dunces is what makes them feel best.

How better to shut down discussion of a hoax than to assert
"Even if it is a hoax, the end result must be good."
That is the message of this cartoon.
Fix it to read: 'What if it's a big hoax and we destroy liberty, lives and civilization due our gullibility?'

Retrieved from the FB page of the Watermelon project that goes by the name "The Story of Stuff."

That Story of Stuff series of videos is a complete throwback to the early Marxist anti-industrialists. The Left could never win where the middle class was benefiting by being "exploited" by all that industry. Most certainly not the generations closest to those that had escaped European and Asian tyrannies.

But now with the CAGW CACC hoax's never-ending  propaganda by the SSM and academia,  they have numbskulls (with no inkling of the despots their forebears escaped from) thinking that they own the moral high ground if only they go along with the hoax. (The morality component and how it is used is explained in my essay series Fighting the Growth of Theocracy in America.)

Indeed, one such fool posted
One of my favourite climate change cartoons! I've got it on my phone for a quick reply to any deniers who start carrying on about the matter.
as if the squelching of freedom is a small price to pay for a presumed better world. 

Here's the answer folks. Consensus built by cominterns to provide them cover for their hated rule have NEVER made a better world. The greatest advances have been achieved by individuals. Individualism is despised by collectivists.

Listen up you Prog megalomaniacs. 

The billions of murders you aim to achieve under cover of your Sustainability project will never be forgiven.  
Gene Roddenberry warned you of your fate in The Conscience of the King. Your own children will be driven to madness knowing what you began or -- G-d forbid -- completed.


  1. I've been enjoying the Tweeter, @redsteeze who is doing a masterful job of bringing the narrative back in their faces with #ClimateEvolution jabs! It's very hard to counter his incisive mockery and they hate him for it!

    1. I'd probably enjoy it more if I got used to all the ins and outs at twitter. I had commented to one of your tweets and it posted, but it didn't show up in my own tweets count list. I wound up posting another stand alone and it did.

      I even had to google @redsteeze to learn that it is shorthand for S.M @redsteeze, but I don't know why he shows up sometimes only as S.M. Or how you change your handle from time to time.

      When I go to one hashstag or another, there seems to be no sense of order in time or connection, or even any understanding why a tweet was sent there. Probably a defect of the verbally concise format of which, otherwise, is quite good discipline.

      I'm still very much a novice.


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