Thursday, September 18, 2014

SSM the Villain in Ferguson, Poll Says

Poll says? Why should anyone need a poll to know this?

Poll: Black & White Ferguson Residents Agree - Media Made Things Worse

On August 21 I posted this: How the SSM* Came to Be the Biggest Villain

If I can see it, anyone can see it. What's the matter American: gotta have a poll to see first if others will agree?

Damned cowards can't bring themselves to stick their necks out and speak the obvious -- for fear of sounding different.

Just because G-d did not strike you down for your cowardice doesn't mean He doesn't expect you to see your need to overcome it.

*SSM = Soviet-style media. This trait alone ought be enough to condemn them. In Ferguson it was so blatant that someone decided to ask the poll question. I'm sure the more moronic editors are proud of themselves when they should be fearful.

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