Monday, May 20, 2013

For Better Grokking "Fundamentally Changing America"

I have not in a long while pointed to a Fran Porretto post. Although he regularly provides penetrating and even trenchant thoughts, there is more Ayn Rand novelist than Walter Williams essayist in his works, so it is often too hard to identify all of them and how they interact in the kind of short essay I prefer to compose.

Today, however, he is quite singly focused. I wholly recommend you read all of The Debunking: Public Safety. It makes clear that the forces who are fundamentally changing the meaning of freedom in America will do it at your extreme expense and none for themselves.

In particular, take note of the doughnut shop exception. The cynicism of the Left in their bold assaults on our reason is, from my point of view, a form of childish daring of us to respond in a manner to their liking. Consequently,  I firmly suggest that you serve them -- any response -- cold.


  1. That was a rabbit hole of links and comments you sent me down.
    I'm back.

    1. I didn't read the comments at the links, so I imagine they must have been doozies for you to have been drawn in. Doncha think Porretto did a fine job making the point of my headline? I wish he'd made that point himself, but that's one reason it's important we converse with one another. The sum of the minds is more than the whole.

  2. I am a stranger in a strange land, myself.


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