Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Left Protects Wildlife to the Extreme; Babies, Nah

Commenting on the Soviet Style Media's avoidance of the Gosnel (baby mass-murdering abortionist) verdicts last week, Open Blogger (at Ace of Spades) "Krakatoa" made the following observation.
If one of the byproducts of abortions was a dead environmentally insignificant fish or three in some river delta or perhaps a few well-lubricated pelicans [in] the Gulf of Mexico, there would have been a moratorium on them years ago.
This sadly reinforces my observation that most bloggers are shocked when the misanthropics of an issue become obvious. The entire Progressive movement grew out of Malthusianism and Utilitarianism, both of which looks with a murderous eye towards sub-races and their natalism. Thus the Gosnel atrocity (these were Black babies) should be doubly concerning towards Blacks. That white leftist/progressives dominate the media is no surprise.

They who call conservatives racist are proven here to be the most deadly racists in America.

Pass this observation and my commentary on. It pains me to see Blacks so misled, and it should any decent human being. But then again, the decent human being is the most endangered species on Earth based on the lack of them.

Og brought to my attention that Baldilocks has indeed made attempts and endured trolls for trying to inform Blacks about anti-natalism -- the ultimate form of racism -- against them. I always find it hopeful when I see people who do not Politically Cower. They have the stuff from which real leaders are made.

Some of her discussion about Margaret Sanger inspired to me to compile a lengthy comment which included with some obcure links* (and of which contains some items upon which to base a larger essay here) she may or may not have been aware of before, but of which I always hope others will learn.

*Groan: both links I left there are messed up because I couldn't get the < a href= > to work. So  I left actual url links between brackets. Baldilocks' site turns them hot -- but incorrectly included the closing bracket as part of the url, and they don't work properly. They need to be copied; pasted in the url line, and edited to delete the trailing nonsense. What's worse is that I previewed the post before publishing and tested to see that both links worked. After publication the closing brackets became an issue. Just damn. Just adding to my day that was not a good one.

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  1. I was under the impression it was not exclusively minorities (ie: blacks/latinos) that he was targeting. Thought his "target market' if you will, was any and all females who were at the poverty level.

    In any case, now that he has been sentenced, I doubt there is any chance of this being brought up again, in just about any media forum. Especially with all the current news of administration crisises abounding. (IRS, AP, even Benghazi) The administration has made the tactical error of starting a two front war, in their attacks on the media (AP). This will bring about something akin to semi-honest reporting, only because ... like a jilted lover...hell hath no fury like a media scorned.

    That being said, and all the comparisons to Nixon aside (he was a piker compared to the current clown in office...along with his clown posse), I don't expect to see anything approaching impeachment ...there is a profound lack of conscience and testicular fortitude in both branches of the house (on both sides of the aisle). It will never happen.


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