Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Levin -- "Eliminate the IRS"

Our Soviet Style Media has been dragged kicking and screaming into covering the Obama scandals. The most eagerly reported of these are the excesses of the IRS in persecuting Rightist not-for-profit organizations (like Heritage) but doing nothing against Leftist ones (such as Media Matters).

In the wake of this "new" awareness, Mark Levin tonight vehemently demanded the IRS be eliminated. [I will provide a link after the show is over.] LINK
@2:25 "Folks: It's time to kill the IRS."
Nonetheless folks, once again Mr. Levin is not extreme enough. It really shouldn't need that much explanation for regular readers, because you are already aware of the one-two dance that the Dems and the GOP do to increase Fed powers. The SKUNCs in congress will simply work with the Democrats organized Leftists in Congress to cut back on such demands. They will wind up squandering the public outrage by compromising away from "eliminated" into "reforms."

In order to actually achieve elimination of the IRS, someone like Levin needs to make more extreme suggestions. Only by making more Draconian demands do we have a real chance to actually achieve elimination of any corrupt and dangerous wing of government. You know I'm right.


  1. The IRS and the present tax codes are impossible to understand and implement. The IRS has and will be a tool of whatever administration is in the WH and the Congress.

    Knowing all of that, I'm at a loss tonight as how to go about getting rid of all of it and implementing anything else.

    But there are many that are smarter than I but who among them has the power, the faith and the temerity to get it done?

    1. Good question Ray.

      Mr. Levin did suggest replacing the current income tax schemes with the Flat Tax or the Fair Tax. One of the things he fails to mention is that the IRS is not solely a creation of the income tax any longer.

      1) The IRS is currently involved with collecting payroll taxes like FICA and Medicare. So he is confused when he talks about eliminating the income tax as if it takes away all the IRS' reason for existing.

      2) The IRS was made the enforcer of Obamacare in the 2010 legislation, so once again the discussion about the income tax Mr. Levin raises misses the point -- although once income is not taxable it takes away this 501(c)3 and 4 exemptive statuses.

      3) Removal of the Income tax and replacing it with other taxes that lack deductions cannot be done instantly because so many people rely on the lower tax bite they get from their house mortgage deduction.

      For this last, smart minds that are not looking to destroy America (like Obama's friends and their Cloward-Piven Strategy) could implement stop gap measures as the tax system weens people off their mortgage deduction expectations over some period of years.

      That's just a start at answering your questions Ray. Should we ever get real leaders again who are not misanthropic then the answer to your questions will actively be pursued. I fear though that the misanthropes love Cloward-Piven BECAUSE it is designed to bring misery to all non-ruling class humanity world-wide.

  2. I just today found a little-known proposal for a Neutral Tax, which would completely eliminate personal federal income taxes. It's a fabulous yet practical plan! Here are three of the sites I found today:
    pull quote: The Neutral Tax would do away with the concept of the federal government taxing individuals at all. It would end the social engineering in the tax code, it would do away with the lobbying and loopholes, and it would eliminate class warfare at the federal level. All that would be gone from Washington politics.
    Instead, the federal government would tax the states and local governments.
    The Neutral Tax would be a flat tax on the gross revenues of those governments. How they generate the revenue to pay the Neutral Tax is entirely up to them.

    I would like to know what you think about this plan, Pascal.

    1. After I find time to read your links I will answer.


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