Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Conservatives Don't Trust the GOP

What follows is why your humble author does not trust the GOP. I bet I am not alone, hence my title.

I would bet that if any of the talkers on talk radio were really conservative they would have brought up what follows themselves.

I don't care about what the actual legal process is allegedly supposed to look like because it seems that when the Democrats want laws reversed, they get a quick hearing from SCOTUS. When conservatives want laws reversed, the GOP won't do the work that the Democrat law-makers did. (In other words it looks like the GOP is in the tank. I think it proper to call the Republican Party the base of operations for the "Progressives" Incrementalists on the Right.)

The following is a typical refrain from the little conservative who feels betrayed:
Pascal, I don't understand why he's not charged (or sued) for what he's done already (recess appointments, mandates on insurance companies, etc.). -- Ed B. of Not of This Earth.
You really don't understand?
Or you don't like where your logical speculations lead; and from experience you know so few people will listen to your logical conclusions?

Because the direction the speculation goes tells you that
  1. the growth of government is a one-way street and 
  2. we don't have a true opposition set of representatives. 
When Ronald Reagan got the line item veto passed by Congress, DEM Senator Robert Byrd was johnny-on-the-spot filing a brief with the SCOTUS. His complaint got heard -- and the line item veto reversed -- in almost no time at all. There was NONE of this 2 years of taxes collected for ObamaCare before the SCOTUS decides if it's kosher.

Or how about when the voters of the State of Washington passed term limits on its Congressman. Then Dem Speaker of the House Tom Foley took it immediately to SCOTUS. He had it declared unconstitutional lickety-split.

Meanwhile our illustrious GOP Speaker John Boehner cries about how unfair Obama is, how unfair the press is, how unfair his base is. He tells us through all those tears how he's a real conservative. But he still gave away to Obama the keys to the treasury this last August. And then, for good measure, he caved on the payroll tax extension in December.

Isn't it true that many of you who are reading this post have said the same thing at some time in the past -- "I don't understand" -- rather than truly express your thoughts on the matter because your thoughts are so dark you dared not state them?

You and I would probably both find our names on a list for those destined for the new gulag. I figure I better speak out while I still have the ability to think at all. Orwell said Newspeak was the tool by which Big Brother sought to make it impossible for his subjects to piece together thoughts that were detrimental to his rule. Look at the state of American education and who it is that is running the media and then look me in the eye and tell me Orwell was not spot on.

I see speaking out as a God given gift. I view it as a terrible ingratitude to push that gift aside. I'd rather be scorned by the GOP than damned by God.

How about you?


  1. Geez, Pasc, if I didn't know better (and I do), "from the little conservative who feels betrayed:"
    would sound derisive.
    To be honest, I'm a little more Pollyannish than you.
    But I'm starting to go to the dark side.

  2. My derision is reserved for all the professional -- "professed" -- conservatives Ed. And well deserved.

    There is a special place in my heart for every little (read: lone) conservative who requests nothing more than "Please don't feel you need to do anything FOR me. Just leave me be." I wear it as a badge of honor.

  3. "Get off my lawn!!" works too! As time passes I am leaning more and more toward being (or at least properly acknowledging) a "Constitutionalist" ... I have some issues which do not fit into the "conservative mold, and others which are quite at home there. But at the end of the day honoring, adhering to, and following the Constitution, as written and amended would be the best, I think, we could or should hope for.

    Having taken the Oath so many times over the course of so many years, I have kinda grown fond of the old gal. That she has been so grossly disrespected ... indeed, has been so assaulted over the years, makes my blood boil.


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