Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Expressing Joy for Life Itself

This is one of those tunes and arrangements from the swing era that carried the West through WW II. It stands homage to that one song that lights you up. After you hear it once or twice, you can understand why some tyrannies cannot tolerate music at all.

I've Heard That Song Before                                   
Play it loud and it really can shake you up with the horns and the verve of Helen Forrest's voice. It brought tears even to my eyes. The regressives, who the media has uncritically allowed to wear the progressive label for over 100 years, hate anything sentimental because it brings to mind old loves and loyalties. This tune and song carries that sentiment. Enjoy it as you build your resistance to the new Nimrods.

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  1. Took my time getting to it, but it's good. Thanks.


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