Saturday, February 25, 2012


Apparently the AP has endorsed the recommendations of the newest victimogues who go by the not atypically type of name for left-wing racialists: the Asian American Journalists Association.

Asian American Journalists Association releases guidelines on Jeremy Lin media coverage

Who exactly elected these linatics the official spokesmen for Asians? Only the latest group to whose pronouncements members of said group better adhere or be declared the equivalent of Oreos. Asians or those of Asian ancestry better adhere to the diktats of the AAJA or be declared Uncle Lins.

The Agency of Lies will not rest until it can find victims in every group on earth so another bunch of Left-wing scum (as in the Jacksons and Sharptons) can garner some power and money for themselves while enslaving the rest of us with speech codes and thought control and double-think.

I surely hope the dextrosphere does not give a moments rest to the AP and the rest of the crowd who tries to foist every form of Political Cowering on the rest of us individuals. Fight back people.

For a start: instead of calling them ninnies, just call them linnies. Dripping with scorn of course.

About 16 hours later, Wretchard at The Party Line has gathered evidence that strongly suggests all that we are witnessing is part of a single piece that actively aims to disturb our peace. The members of the Belmont Club are sure to add their witty insights too, so it may prove entertaining to read their comments after about 24 hours.
Victimoguery or not, when Lincompoops such as the AAJA may arise out of nowhere to be instantly recognized as policy czars, what sort of ninnies are the rest of us?


  1. "dextrosphere", I like that. Where do I join?
    Do I need approval of some media group?

  2. All that is needed is to recognize the blind idiocy of the ignoramuses in the sinisterosphere, not be a member of the Agency of Lies which is also fully aware of that idiocy -- which it feeds constantly, and be driven by decency to seek countermeasures for the damage caused by both.

    We more or less recognize each other as we weigh what we see and make adjustments. It requires an alert eye and lots of weeding to keep the paranoia healthy.

  3. Oh, the Left and SKUNCs keeps infiltrating the dextrosphere.

    For instance, it's been going on at Free Republic ever since it's inception.

    Jim Robinson tries to be tolerant. Too late he got around to banning a bunch of fear-mongering, divisive Arnold supporters when it became clear how much damage had been done to conservative efforts that drove the recall Gray Davis election.

    And it has been hard and costly for him ever since. He had to bow to his personal ethics more than to his source of funding. Surely, based on how much longer the quarterly drives have taken (~$80K each) to complete, many that he kicked out must have been great helps in filling his coffers -- and quickly.

    This is the same sort of thing that makes the GOP susceptible to the moneyed interests. Those who run the party -- professional politicians -- are nowhere as ethical as Jim Robinson who is not that sort of professional.


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