Sunday, February 12, 2012

Incre-mental Case

All of the following, excepting the last sentence, is an observation in regret that was prompted from the comment stream of "self-herding sheep" at Crusader Rabbit.
“Incrementalism is a method of working by adding to a project using many small (often unplanned), incremental changes instead of a few (extensively planned) large jumps…”-- Wikipedia
The schemers through their PR branches may own the Progressive label, but you know the road to tyranny over a once free people could never have been accomplished any other way but incrementally.

I fear that makes me an incre-mental case for having allowed it to advance for so long without my speaking out sooner and actively seeking and rallying more supporters. There were many of us who also saw and said little, each of us awaiting the other to take the lead.

Given the incremental destruction to all education in contemporary America, most certainly leadership training had to have been an early target. Every leadership course I've encountered in my long life had the underlying message "Go along to get along."

In retrospect I think we should all be immensely grateful that George Washington had the good sense not to succumb to such tripe.


  1. But you know, those of us that DID speak up were hardly understood, summarily dismissed, or simply ignored for other interests. I've been speaking up since 11th grade. I've been calling out the Agenda, questioning it, and paying the price for it. Which is why I'm as poor as a church mouse.

    Spitting into the wind. Apply goggles as necessary.

  2. Ah, but were you sufficiently aware to recognize how the deck was stacked? Probably, and then you were dismissed summarily. Out of hand. The hand wave always worked. A form of shunning.

  3. Oh, and God bless you for be willing to take the heat. I'm terribly sorry I couldn't help when you needed it.


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