Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Ruling Class' Primitive Urge

Peter Boston observes at the Belmont Club:
The prestige, self-esteem, and emotional payoff of being in control that comes with becoming one of the “shapers” of cultures is an awfully strong motivation for human beings. Perhaps the strongest motivation of all. I believe that the promise of this supreme emotional payoff is the reason that Marxism, and its red-headed stepchild Progressivism, will not go away despite the trail of mangled corpses the shapers must negotiate.

It’s the Adam and Eve story all over again – for a man to live peacefully among other men he must first refuse to be a god. Adam and Eve flunked. 

Emphasis added.

I wrote of this weakness at The Eighth Day. It's reassuring to see others making a strong case of this (reducing the standing that sex is the original sin). Better more of us understand the dangers of unbridled ego with its drive to Lord it over all creation as if one were God.

As the ruling class becomes more fearful and progressively more oppressive, remember the words they simply cannot abide: "You are NOT God."  Their henchmen will hear and be watching. Remember what happened at the Bastille?

Open letter to individual members of the ruling class.

The bulk of you morons are gleefully awaiting the death you have arranged to rain down on all of humanity. Just so long that you sate that primitive urge of yours.

I knew of you before most of you knew yourself. For but a momentary thrill you will try and kill billions of people and cast the remnant into a very dark age. God will deal with you as He sees fit. I pray for you that you awaken from your trance and sabotage the schemes of others of your cadre. God will grant you dispensation by you showing how you truly have repented.

I'd take the offer while you still are in a position to thwart those who seek to force the Hand of God. Your opportunities to demonstrate contrition will become scarcer as the top-most become fearful of you.

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