Friday, August 27, 2010

I smell a rat.

A GDP downrating taken now will have the MSM Agency of Lies* playing it as old news -- "just a revision."

It might be interesting if not revealing to go back and check out what other bad news happened on the day they announced the old numbers. Bad numbers then could have been too much to bear.

But here might be their other motive: by releasing the lower numbers now, late, they can release 3rd quarter numbers just before the elections to show that GDP is a bit higher then than it would otherwise be.

Look for the Agency of Lies celebrating a relatively improved GDP just before the elections. Don't let your neighbors be gulled.

[*Editor's note: In later years Pascal Fervor began referring to American media as the Agency of Lies because he saw that we were not an Orwellian world quite yet, and felt it best that he speak the truth while he still could. He also used the acronym SKUNCs instead of RINOs for much the same reason.]

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