Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fools Who Are Cowards Too

The problems that people experience were uncovered by this poll (which instigated this JWF post). The results would be similar were the question refocused from the effects of "Progressive" gender goals to the effects all affirmative action goals.

Gee, do ya think that just maybe some women (or any "underrepresented class") have been advanced a bit too soon because company management was forced to put affirmative action goals (quotas) ahead of performance needs (what works best)?

Q: What fools continue working for this ruling class? Our RC demands -- from a distant and faceless bureaucracy -- that the ruled class accept a mediocrity (who "feels threatened by those who are good at their jobs") and that policy's destruction of excellence in order to conform to the RC's stupid and sometimes deadly edicts. 

A: Fools who are cowards and really have no stomach for rebellion.

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