Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sarcasm? Surely You Jest

I was just reading another blog post. It could have been any post nowadays.

It facetiously referred to some media moron as "our moral superior."

We are in trouble when a significant portion of our population will see that not as sarcasm, but as legitimate opinion.

We are in grave danger when the person to whom you referred takes your "compliment" to heart, thinking you recognize their innate superiority.  He knew it all along, and now he thinks "the world is coming to its senses."

When the sting of sarcasm becomes this blunted, the intent of the wielder that confused, better stock up on commodities of all sort.

People get upset over my seeming lack of subtlety. "Why is a smart fellow like you so blunt?" Because there are already too many who placate those who are dangerous to human life. Proto-monsters who are never told where they are heading will surely develop into full-blown monsters, and they'll feel good about themselves the whole time. After they've gone too far in their decline, sarcasm simply does not work on them, nor on their supplicants.

Unless you think that one more complimentary message received by your enemy will send him off a cliff, my recommendation to all is to begin to lessen your use of sarcasm, and practice speaking more frankly. Too often your facetious message will not get through.

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  1. Well, it only stands to reason; if they cannot recognize a joke (be it in bad taste or not) as simply a joke, then they cannot identify those instances where fun is being poked at them, either. Could be a useful tool along the way. (LOL just joking)


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