Friday, July 16, 2010

Now They're Going Too Far!

In an attempt to curry favor with the Europeans, the globalists who brought about this

seem to be succeeding at getting Obama to bring the equivalent to America.


Now is the time for a real Washington Monument Defense!

Here is the bureaucrat's self-serving Washington Monument Defense:

The prototype scenario that gave this tactic its name arose some years ago when, faced with public clamor for budget reductions, the District of Columbia announced that, to meet its targets, it would be forced to close the Washington Monument to public tours. Any group that appeals to government for the cessation of some anti-freedom activity will be greeted by a direct assault on its preferred government activity. -- Frances W. Porretto


  1. Muslim Mother Who Strangled Daughter Won't Be Jailed, Canadian Judge Rules...(after all, it was perfectly acceptable under Shari'ah Law)

  2. As bad as that is Teresita, it didn't happen in the States.

    THIS happened in the States:

    Victim denied life, killer spared death.

    In our postmodernist, beyond civilized world, a killer is an agent of Sustainability Policy. So where's your problem?

    (I could get even more sarcastic, but as you already noticed, our übermensch don't get it. )

    Do you think I could write something more on this? What more can I say that I haven't said already?

    If such things bother you, as they do me, that sure seems reason enough to pray that there indeed is a just God, and then live accordingly. Because you and I are not gonna stop the injustices alone, nor make the top slime pay for their megalomania.


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