Monday, July 12, 2010

As if Yamamoto were elected president in 1940

by Buddy Larsen.

News flash: the Obama administration to issue new offshore drilling moratorium today. Over-riding the courts. We are in a state of tyranny; proximate objective, 4 or 5 dollar gasoline ASAP.

The hope for a gentle transition to the admin’s backers’ ‘green energy’, down that big drainhole in the gulf – put there by a set of nigh-unrepeatable April 20 rig-floor actions inexplicable and akin to nothing so much as drinking a glass of gasoline and dropping a lit match in your mouth.

The Mississippi Canyon horizon and the other deep water projects underway were going to be America’s energy saving grace – reasonably priced fuel to grow our economy on far into the future. Now in process of ruination by the hand of the administration, as far as all the signs point. And behind the scenes, watch for the Chinese government to buy out BP’s Alaska holdings, in order that BP can pay off its damage claims. Crocodile tears from BP. Foreign sale subject to congressional approval, of course – so it won’t be long before the dragon raises its head.
It’s wartime –the USN has attacked Pearl Harbor, Dolittle’s Raiders have ditched on purpose short of the target, and the Midway fleet at Point Luck is scuttling itself.
From the Belmont Club Thread "Tomorrow Belongs To Me"

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