Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Consequence of Being Politically Cowered

Wretchard posted a observation/commentary yesterday that he summed rather cleverly in his title and opening words:
"Tomorrow Belongs To Me." So argues Kevin Drum. Writing in Mother Jones he argues that despite the electoral apocalypse facing the liberals in November, minorities and the Millenial Vote are going to give the Democrats — in the long run — the permanent majority.

For those who don't know that Tomorrow Belongs To Me is the title of a song from the musical Cabaret, there is a YouTube after the break, following my comment:
I find it reassuring that our host is not fearful of being charged with having violated Godwin’s Law.
“Once that observation was made, it became a tradition that whoever brings Nazis into the argument automatically loses.”
Many years ago, I heard Hugh Hewitt use Godwin as an excuse to cut off more than one caller. On one occasion, I thought he said “you lose” as he cut the call. I got the impression he rather enjoyed invoking it. And it didn’t seem to matter how substantial was the caller’s argument, it was simply a matter that Hewitt, maybe fearfully, did not wish to see his show accused of a Godwin violation.

Or maybe, on that day he gleefully said “you lose,” he simply did not want to entertain that direction of thought, and he used Godwin as the excuse.


And now, after all those little Left-wing and Statist encroachments on our liberties have built up so heartily while our guardians of access to Right-talk radio prevented the sane and rational comparative argument while we still had time, we must face the consequences of our side having allowed itself to be silenced by means of Political Cowering. So, for now, we must bear the crowing from the Left and Statists: ♫And Tomorrow Belongs to Me♪♫.
Well stated Wretchard!

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  1. Godwin's Law was a feature of USENET, where threads grow to be hundreds of articles long and become unwieldy. Having a rule that said when a person called someone else "Hitler" or a "Nazi" meant the thread was over made sense in that context. HH is just being lazy in the context of talk radio.


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