Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MiniTrue Is Not The Only Rigged Voice

Statism needs not oppose or control all its leading opponents directly. It is most Machiavellian where it abets advancement of a few on whom it believes it has a handle or two. So then, when the moment is ripe, it grabs hold and twists.

As you may see by perusing the MiniTrue* keyword at this site, I initially eased into using, and then began applying Orwell's Ministry of Truth for quite some time to the media. [*Update Jan 2011: Now The Administry of Lies or Agency of Lies.]

Today -- thanks to Crusader Rabbit for the heads up -- I'm pleased to note that I am now joined by Rush Limbaugh. He too now openly labels the media as the Ministry of Truth.

In "Rush slams Republicans for fighting against their own" you will hear him at 2:09:

"The Democrats and the Ministry of Truth, the American Left, they will tell us who they are most afraid of..." by who it is they attack.

Now that Rush is using Ministry of Truth, others will follow suit much as so many of us are now using "ruling class" instead of various forms of "empowered elite" since the publication of Angelo Codevilla's landmark essay.

As much as I am happy that Rush is using the term, I wish to demonstrate how Rush is not yet ready to admit how other key Orwellian specters are present.

The subject of which Rush is expounding here I disagree in part. That is due to the truth of the observation at the top of this essay. Didn't Rush learn from the behavior of the Left and MSM to GWBush? It appears not. Bush was not as much of a threat to the Left as he was to conservatives. Especially in 2008 where the Left was using GWB as a punching bag allowing the Statist agenda to advance as resistance to all of GWB's moves from the Right was depicted as Leftist inspired.

The Country Class knows it's been had, but spokesmen like Rush will not allow that the methodology that Statists's used to gain the advantage be considered like a chess game.

The Left will always hate a conservative. But DO NOT let their noise affect your judgement! For the Statists buried in the GOP and (due the various handles on them) will or won't attack a conservative depending upon the perceived threat to the Statist agenda. The Ruling Class, as the Progressives have always done, lets the actions of the radical Left do their dirty work. Then the Progressives get between the radicals and the Country Class and demand that WE be reasonable. Creeping Statism has worked time and again that way, so they are not about to stop unless WE stop allowing ourselves to be duped.

The Statists, aided by the TARP and Stimulus monies that have no accounting attached to them, have never found their rigging of the system to be so easy.

For all their Machiavellian cleverness, the Ruling Class has a major weakness.

More on that another day.

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  1. Yes! Exactly. And thanks for the link Pascal. :)


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