Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Own Culpability

While reviewing yesterday's post that was very critical of Dennis Prager (a day when I was also critical of Michael Savage in another forum) this struck me.

I bemoan my own culpability on allowing the situation to get so bad; for allowing myself to give in to despair; for falling silent for months at a time. I attempt to make amends by coming back, either here or other sites, to write commentaries and essays. It is in the hope that some of my readers will join me in my campaigns to bring non-processed-for-the-masses thinking into the heads of many more people. It is still very hard to shake the knowledge that all the time I remain silent, talk jockeys are filling the void with their half truths.

They seem to be at it 24/5 if not 24/7 with replays.

I've been told, and I understand, that they get paid while I do not. I must still deal with the items of everyday life that really is my day job. Still, I cannot shake the feeling that I'm letting someone down by not engaging my talents more, humble as they are, to write of my observations and conclusions more often. It is to share with others from whose hopefully well-planned battles against tyranny our shared posterity is relying upon. I alone will not see to it that this great Nation is still around for posterity -- I will need the help of a great many like myself who see, or will come to see, the raw deal that Statism is planning for all humanity.

If there is anyway I can say or do to help you prod yourself to do more so that you don't suffer from as many regrets as I possess, please let me know. I will see how I might be of aid.


  1. I'm doing as much as time and my physical condition will allow, but it is good that you are also - and offering help.

    I have a link I would like to leave here if I may:

    Off Topic? Maybe but in the big picture of what has happened to the U.S. in the last thirty or so years, it is dang worth putting down here.

    Want to sabotage the liberal traitorous media, especially the lefty Hollywood idiots?

    Want sound values and want to be a part of getting them out to America and the world?

    Want to be a Citizen Producer of quality pro-American movies?

    Go here and check it out:

    It could be the best money you ever spend for your kids and grand kids. I’m poor but will forgo $10.00 bucks a month so that American ideals and beliefs can be rebuilt for our children and grand children.

    Papa Ray

  2. Papa Ray,

    If it were anybody other than Bill Whittle who made the plea here, I would take the plunge.

    I loved so much of what he's written over the years at E^3 and passed along to others. The piece he did post Katrina was absolutely one of the best things ever posted on the web.

    So it saddens me that I that I have good reason not to trust him today.

    There was one bit of PC that he engaged in that I found to be quite terrible. And I forgave him that actually great slight because he asked me personally me to do so.

    And then he did it again.

    I still have the emails between us. Subsequent to that last email, I was proven right and he wrong. And he never had the decency to apologize for his -- condescension is putting it in the best spin on his language.

    Now when I see him look into the camera on PJTV -- still superb productions -- I see little black rat eyes.

    PS: Of the two productions that you'll find synopsized at the site's previews, one of the movies is Bill Whittle's. Meaning that he benefits directly from our dollars. He didn't say that in his speech, did he?


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