Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Climate change denial IS far worse than Holocaust denial.

One Response to “Salon: ‘Climate change denial is actually much worse than Holocaust denial’; How About ‘Climate holocaust co-conspirator’?”

  1. Pascal on 13/13/15 at 7:08 pm
    It’s TRUE. Climate change denial IS worse than Holocaust denial.
    Those International Socialists who insist on denying the evidence that AGW is a fraud are hell bent on reducing the planet’s population down to 500 million from 7 billion. I think denying that that is their goal is far worse than their denying that 6 million Jews were killed by National Socialism.

    Jews have been declared the canaries in the coal mine for very good reason.


  1. Actions are worse than deeds, right?

  2. PF, your astute points in this post will likely fly over the heads of those who would benefit most from digesting them.

    Of course, the holocaust deniers are in the ideological offspring of the fascists who killed the 11 million civilians (6 million Jews, 5 million others) and tools of those who see the goal of forced population reduction as a great moral good.

    But that's another article, isn't it.

    1. Yes, but an effort must be made to reveal the truth of the matter. I did that yesterday and earlier today on "Judges plan to outlaw climate change ‘denial’". I was as gladdened to read Warren Tooley's awareness as I was of yours.

      Today's post is only a small start in I hope will be a wider effort to turn the tables. The ones who deny the evidence that AGW is a scam are the deniers and we must succeed before they establish their lie (and their protection from disgrace) with the force of law. Right now nobody expects the "Galileo inquisition" to return but that IS the trial balloon they've been floating. The debunkers of AGW are brave and decent men and deserve our best efforts to protect them from the evil ones.

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