Friday, October 30, 2015

Between the Lines #4 [Misanthropy]

EMT suspended for trying to save choking girl 

 "was suspended because it is against company policy to make a stop without being called."

A number of things come to mind as we read past the headlines, and these are the kind of questions left unaddressed by the report.
  1. Is not being recognizable as an emergency vehicle an invitation to  being flagged down on street for an unofficial call?
  2. Is not an unofficial call -- lacking paper work but still one made because you are recognized as an official emergency agent -- still a call?
  3. Is not a trained EMT professional really a kind of officer, and has been trained to make executive decisions in triage situations?
  4. Is there a concern by the company that there might be legal ramifications arising from an unofficial call and could be financially ruinous for them?
  5. Precisely due to such concerns, are there not good Samaritan laws on the books to protect them and their employee?
  6. If not, why not?
If the legal system is ready and willing to allow people to die because all the I's are not dotted and the T's are not crossed, is this not another example of how the sanctity of human life is given second place to such things as legal niceties and financial worries?

As the reader who tipped me to this story opined:  "our society is going to hell."

While it is true that the ever more present misanthropy we find in our legal system may not have been planned to be that way, the number of "leaders" who are trying to prevent reform legislation appear to be able to control the majority of votes in state and federal legislatures.

One thing is for certain: those who believe that the planet is overpopulated are thrilled by stories such as this because it threatens all those -- such as the majority of EMT personnel --  who still exhibit basic human decency.


  1. Wrong on so many levels.
    You explained most of the levels, well.

    1. Thanks Ed. There are so many stories, all of them glaringly missing pieces of information. That's why I began this series of "between the lines." The media has become the single worst institution world wide because it has a special place in a free society and is nothing but apparatchiks in an unfree one. By pointing out what is omitted we are helping the world understand how badly served it is by what I have justifiably been labeling SSM -- Soviet Style Media. Run this idea by your friend and see how willing he is to accept the notion. Especially after the CNBC debate moderators' performance.

  2. Agree with your assessment and comments. Another indication of the lateness of the hour for the democratic experiment. But how many are willing to face the facts. And out of those, what percentage can recognize what they see?

    Please keep on keeping on. God speed.


  3. You could begin by exposing the Left leaning in most lawyers today. As you too realize, all four estates are now heavily influenced through Marxism which just adds to the old Marxist adage about killing all the lawyers first when initiating a revolution, excepting this time any initiated revolution will be trying to get back what we have had stolen from us.

    By now you would be aware of the Paris massacre. I am reminded of that farce brought about by the Charlie Hebdo massacre when all the Collective's cowards marched against 'terrorism' proclaiming Je suis Charlie! when what they should have been marching to is; Je ne suis par Charlie! Je suis armee!

    Such a senseless waste of life of those out simply enjoying themselves and to whom the authorities have failed to provide adequate safety measures for their personal protection in this time age of 'terrorism'. I am telling everyone I know to arm themselves as best they can under the circumstances that our 'authorities' have brought to us all.

    What we have now seen in Paris today will be played out around the world in the coming months. Be prepared!


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