Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Between the Lines #3 [Flawless Women]

What do we read between the lines when Glamour Magazine pronounced Bruce Caitlyn (whatever) Jenner Woman of the Year?

  • Well, he "she" doesn't have to menstruate once a month.
  • S/he doesn't have to endure the often terrible cramps associated with that biological function.
  • S/he will never experience the hormonal swings, some debilitating,  that many women have to endure.
  • S/he will never complain about or be condescended to due his her suffering from PMS.
  • S/he will not have to endure all the complications associated with menopause.
  • And finally, s/he will never have to worry about a potentially cancerous fibroid turning up in her uterus such as the one that killed my wife 12 months after it turned up in stage 4 bleeding.

In fact, I'd say it was a safe bet that the most glamorous women you've ever met would never call any of these specifically womanly traits glamorous.

So clearly what we read between the lines at Glamour Magazine is that its judges have had an epiphany. Because GM is certain Jenner cannot be troubled by a single one of these unglamorous womanly issues, s/he must be a superior woman, and thus worthy to be called Glamorous Woman of the Year.


  1. Of course she's superior. She can pee standing up.

    1. We know that was true once. We can't be sure now.


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