Friday, October 23, 2015

Between the Lines #2 [Cashing In On AGW]

From the news of "Monster" and "Worst Storm Evah" Hurricane Patricia.

The clock is ticking up to the moment that Mexico sues the United States for the damages caused by the hurricane.

The stage has already been set by the Progs and their climate fraudsters that American prosperity is the cause of greater and greater storms.

The thinking man will be wondering if this worst storm is really the worst on record because of all the lies about last summer being the hottest on record (when there's been no warming for nearly 2 decades). Alas, we know the SSM is not heeding the thinking man, and indeed is seeking to have him prosecuted.

That's what you can expect from reading today's headlines and reflecting back on all the CAGW staged preparations that preceded it.

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