Monday, June 07, 2010

Writer's Block

Today my writer's block is particularly galling because I think the three pieces in the works are important in a timely way.

They are on PC, Statism, and solutions. All three have been combined in my thoughts for quite some time. Their cross currents were making it difficult to focus. It was a major accomplishment for me see a way to break them apart. It is in keeping them apart that appears to be the difficult task.

Adding to my difficulty, I am actively telephoning registered Republicans in my neighborhood (scarily thin percentage) and encouraging them to vote for Chuck DeVore for US Senate. What are the other two major candidates in the running? One is a proven liberal who has lost before, and the other is far too tied to Statist and global interests. Both supported the TARP and Stimulus, both have supported Cap N Tax, and neither would vote to repeal 0care. Only DeVore has been a consistently solid conservative.

It would be a terrible tragedy to waste the opportunity provided by the tea party rebellion to rid the nation of Senator Barbara Boxer by offering a Barbara Boxer lite as her replacement.

So pray for the sad condition of CA politics. Based on the responses I've received from Los Angeles Republicans, DeVore should win ten to 1. That's before the funny counting gets factored in.

And please pray that my thinking process settles down so I can bring the three essays to a satisfactory conclusion. I can use all the help I can muster.


  1. Hey Pasc, regarding statism:


    Brooks is the smartest guy on your side. I really like him even compared to anyone else (right or left).

    Can't you cons ditch the Palins and Bachmanns?

  2. In case you missed it troll, IMO, Palin is an agent of those whom you think are your friend.


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