Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day, 2010

Take heart Americans. The majority of your forebears came to these shores for what this flag represented.

What with Obama dissing the flag at every opportunity, and those under his influence or thumb seeming to follow suit, I pray you pause to view the following:

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The Star Spangled Banner, like you've never heard it

Smittys Place | MySpace Video

The hearts that loved and fought for this flag would be greatly saddened by the current state of the republic for which she stands.

That republic has for quite some time been under assault. And how. We've drifted from a constitutionally limited republic to a far more aristocratic one (as demonstrated below the break).

Finally, I believe Americans have vivid cause to be pissed at Obama. More and more will come to understand what it is he is streaming. Let this still subtle adaptation -- of a less clearly understood meaning of a previous outrage to our flag -- help them reach that understanding:

And finally, here's the evidence I mentioned above the fold of our nascent aristocracy in action (h/t Joan of Argghh!)


  1. Hey Pasc another link Series of pics

    Hemingway was not a politician, but he was a writer, with a knack for simplicity. And he loved guns and hunting.

    If you bother clicking through the photos, please note simple Sarah and her discombobulation with her favorite comfort...

  2. Hey Rep. How about you precede this sort of comment with an OT warning?

    I expected you to be targeting that prick of Ayers.

  3. "OT" == Occupational Therapy?

    I thought that pic was you?

  4. Your thought Rep?

    You failed miserably.

    But there's still a chance for you to score with beginners luck.

  5. Did you read Brooks? That guy is good (he is one of the best on NYTimes imho).

    Your mindset but with readable words.

    Brooks is onto the next level...

  6. That pic was you Pasc?

    You ever read Vonnegut?

  7. Rep: Did you read Brooks? That guy is good (he is one of the best on NYTimes imho).

    From The Larger Struggle, the commentary to which Rep directed me.

    Brooks: Both government officials like President Obama and the private sector workers like the BP executives fall neatly into this camp [believers in "democratic capitalism"].

    This sets the premise for Brooks' piece. It's utterly invalid. Obama, is the single greatest dismantler and direct threat to what remains of our private sector ever to be president. Obama's actions, inactions and unscripted statements reveal a member of the other camp, those who "embrace state capitalism... People in this camp run Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela and many other countries. "

    Was Rep trying to demonstrate to us how low the level of falsehood to which an alleged conservative writer must stoop in order to stay employed at the NY Slimes?

    Most on the disaffected Right are already aware of this Rep.

    What more would you have me do? Write a lengthy fisking of his drivel? What did he say you thought so brilliant?

    Rep, if Brooks were really as good as you opine, you'd be able to rattle off something meaningful out of what he said in your own words.

    Does this prove Og correct? "Addressing troll posts is a waste of time, and allowing them to remain is overly charitable."

  8. What with Obama dissing the flag at every opportunity...

    I'm an American Legionnaire, and I love my country, but I don't worship the flag. When people criticize Obama for not correctly observing the rituals of where to put his hand when he pledges allegiance to the flag, that's essentially flagolatry.

    The hearts that loved and fought for this flag would be greatly saddened by the current state of the republic for which she stands.

    Yes, the framers of the Constitution would be shocked that three-fifths of a person somehow became the President.

  9. Nobody worships the flag. We show respect for it's meaning-- while it still has some.

  10. The founding fathers were RAAAYYSIST!! So everything we do now is OK.

    Sorry hyssie, you'll have to do better than that. Come back when you have an argument less sieve like.


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