Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Leftists = Radical Islam

This is NOT a statement of moral equivalency.
It is an identity.

In a nutshell:

Both radical Islam and postmodernist “Progressives” would have us submit to their will like we were their animals rather than free men.


  1. "postmodernist “Progressives”"

    Please get a grip.

    Where is your definition of "Progressives"?

  2. it's a simple inversion of language.

    try it out.

    "progressive" is doublespeak for "regressive".

    "stimulus" is doublespeak for "poitical slush fund".

    get a grip and continue on down the primrose lane.

    Mr Hayek has the map.

  3. Well done shoe.

    "Progressives" will feign lack of understanding as a method of deflecting. This one has tried that ploy before.

    In a group setting, cat-calls in response to denseness of this kind can cause them to lose face and leadership.

    Take note and prepare my friends.

  4. Number 1 sure sounds like regressive tendencies to me.



    1. disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones (like bloodletting), and to limit change.

    2. cautiously moderate or purposefully low: a conservative estimate.

    3.traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness: conservative suit.

    4.( often initial capital letter ) of or pertaining to the Conservative party.

  5. Once again Shoe, Rep displays selective reading. He pulls out the dictionary to read the definition of conservative, and fails to see the obvious.

    In item 3 of Partials, "The Age of Reason, ended," it's shown how repressive, regressive forces have been at work producing dense, narrow, bleak minds such as Rep seems to be demonstrating. (Rep was so focused on number 2 as he somehow felt threatened by it, that he missed number 3. Narrow.)

    We look past the label that "Progressives" have stolen for themselves and see what they're DOING.

    They've been hard at work attempting to restore hegemony of the few over the many. That's repressive. If Rep thinks that progress, it clearly belies what he claimed -- until yesterday Rep evades acknowledging that Statism means seeking utter control of every aspect of life. Ah, but he thinks life meaningless anyway, so I guess that fits.

    The onslaught to reverse our American revolution -- "to restore traditional ones (like Rule of the few over the many)" -- fits Rep's definition of "Cons."

    Have you been conned Rep? You repeatedly try to con us.

  6. To quote your favorite orator of simple one liners, "There you go again".

    "The onslaught to reverse our American revolution"

    You cons want to live in the past. Back in the past where they burned witches, had slaves, and where silly superstitions abound. The good old days. Why don't you all move to Texass, and elect Sarah queen theologian, and show us how its done?

  7. You're killing me Rep.

    Oh, I forgot for a moment. You are a killer.

  8. Pascal- I used to post as Robohobo at the old Belmont Club. I go back to BEFORE the fallback, IYKWIM.

    Am I a strict Randian? No. I tend to the libertarian side very strongly as do most Randians. Some of Rand's nuttier ideas are just that.


    (Posted here so you would see it)

  9. "You're killing me Rep. Oh, I forgot for a moment. You are a killer. "

    Uh, I think you are living a supporting a country where abortion is legal.

    Your God aborts around 35 percent of all pregnancies. The biggest killer of all time. Nice God you got there.

  10. Rep,

    You gotta stop this.

    People are gonna think I'm paying you to produce this drivel.

  11. "People are gonna think I'm paying you to produce this drivel. "

    Who cares what 1 or 2 people think? :-)

  12. Hey Rag, haven't libertarian aka cons aka teabagger policies done enough damage to the country.

    The drill baby drill, derivative deregulation, and tax cuts to the rich have all been proven pretty destructive. You all want to double down and do it some more?

  13. RayGun-

    Heh, I am going to call you "Short-Round".

    Short-Round - No, they are what puts the dinner on the table. FWIW. Now, go back in your hole, troll.

  14. "No, they are what puts the dinner on the table."

    Disaster puts dinner on the table?

  15. Hi RagnarD.

    I lean Randroid too, except, notably, where she assigns the moral judgment of "evil" to altruism.

  16. See: Photo Op-Ed: Pictures Worth a Million Scimitars at

  17. Nice work Gary. Great photo essay. Do you plan on gathering any videos like Zombietime? Be careful.

    Today, I also equated Leftists to fascists, triggered by them burning the sign of that Western Mo farmer.

    The efforts of the Left's bully boys who sneak around under cover of darkness to snuff an American's right to criticize his world matches the behavior of the black and brown shirts of a bygone era.

    Fury and intimidation would only escalate should we allow only meek sounding people, who claim to represent the right, attempt to hush our natural outrage to stunts like we are witnessing. I long ago redefined PC as Politically Cowered. It's the subject of upcoming essay in my "Statist Tools" series.

    Our enemies' demand that we "Submit" is the key word I expose in this essay.

    Our enemies' demand that we "Shut-up or else" is the key phrase I highlight in my new essay.


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