Saturday, November 14, 2009

Radical Left = Sinister Wing

For the last few days I've taken to calling the radical left wing of our politics by the label – S I N I S T E R   W I N G – which they well deserve. It is guaranteed to be a label that namby-pamby "conservatives" will avoid out of fear of seeming gauche for stating the unpleasant reality.

With the deadly things that have happened under Marxism for the last hundred years, how can radicals – who still want to create a global government based on that proven deadliness – be thought of as not merely left but also sinister? It will be safer for all of us targeted-subjects to speak no longer of the Radical Left wing, but of the Sinister wing.

Please keep that in mind when you read the following comment I left at Eternity Road to an important Mark Alger thread a short while ago.
The danger from radical islam comes not from the shootings on home soil but from the insidious advance of this ideology by social means, by undermining the will to resist, by using our own institutions and insistence on freedom of religion and free speech to destroy our way of life.
Sinister-wing strategist Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals no. 4:
Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.
Any further questions? Please direct all who may have forgotten to this early warning (March 2004) from The Convergence of the Death Cults:
The signal danger of our era is that all the death cults, whether powered by pseudo-religious zeal, by Marxian economic nonsense, by environmentalist visions, or by the simple desire for power, are reaching out to one another. In their shared enterprise of subjecting Man to the will of an elite, they will suppress their parochial differences, at least until an inescapable yoke has been fastened upon us. -- Francis W. Porretto

The Radical Left has taken over the Democratic Party. They have been exceedingly and uncharacteristically accommodating to the most restrictive religion on the planet. That party now holds the reins of power in the Executive and Legislative branches of our government, and is still but a shaky (Kennedy) vote away from control of SCOTUS.

And the Justice Department is setting the stage to allow the planners of the 911 terrorist attacks to defend themselves with all the tricks I described in Victimoguery.

That is an awful lot of power in the hands of S I N I S T E R forces.

********Update: S I N I S T E R Media **********


  1. "They have been exceedingly and uncharacteristically accommodating to the most restrictive religion on the planet."
    It has to be the convergence of the death cults. Otherwise it is incomprehensible that the "lovers of liberty" are lining up to take abuse from Islamic fundamentalists when they would not even take the suggestion of a disapproving look from the Christian fundamentalists.
    The book and movie "The Handmaids tale" seems more possible now with an Islamic theocracy than with a theocracy founded by Oral Roberts or Jerry Falwell, although those two are still devil 1 and devil 2 for the leftists.

  2. We talk of splitting off conservatives from the GOP to form a new party.
    When will the moderate DEMs split off from the Sinister Party?

  3. You poor simple bozo Pascal. You will never catch on unless I spell it out simple for you.

    You say there is one ruling party. Check.

    You see no trustworthy leaders. Check.

    You see the sinister forces and call them left. No. No. No.

    You see America turned upside down; good is bad; white is black. Check.

    So why don't you see there are have two left wings to your statists? One lives to be the left aisle, the other plays at being the right aisle.

    Yes moron. The Dems are taken over by the radicals, but they are the gauche with their clumsy lies and such. It is the RINOs who are the Sinister wing, because they lay down and do not challenge the crazy notions that a smart six year old knows to be false.

    Sorry Pascal, but you are a failure!

  4. Sinister works well.

    Etymology: Middle English sinistre, from Anglo-French senestre on the left, from Latin sinistr-, sinister on the left side, unlucky, inauspicious


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