Thursday, November 19, 2009

S I N I S T E R Media

Sinister wing = all those who promote, foster or tolerate new Marxist/socialist run governments despite that ideology's historic murder of 100 million people.

Sinister (adjective)
3 : singularly evil or productive of evil
4 a : of, relating to, or situated to the left or on the left side of something;

This morning I received an email from the Media Research Center.

MRC clearly have not gotten with the program of forcing the media to apologize for its huge shift L E F T.

One way to force the predominant media to answer for their bias is to persistently connect that bias to horrific results. The first few sentences of MRC's email, slightly edited (shown in bold red), provides an example.

From the Desk of:
David Martin, Executive Vice President



While the sinister media focus on defending President Obama’s awkward bow to the emperor of Japan during his Asian sightseeing trip, millions of American seniors and working class citizens anxiously search for the truth about the government’s attempt to take over their health care.
But relying on an increasingly irrelevant
sinister news media only leaves us frustrated by the steady dose of misinformation and spin.

In a badly dis- and misinformed society, where many who help spread the false information are well-meaning themselves, persistence in exposing the sinister roots of those in charge matters a great deal.

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  1. Your adapting Sinister to include what I said the other day is good. But I'm betting it won't do you any good. Nobody will sign on to your campaign. Too many, some of who you think are your friends, won't do anything to jeopardize their lives. It's not just the leaders who are sinister boyscout. If I had a heart I'd be sorry for you. But you're just a fool. Ask your buddy ray.

  2. Just a thought:

    Seems to me, you're not allowed to die in the con world, unless you can't afford to live.

    Some business rule?

  3. Rep, you've said some really stupid things, but this one is the most outstanding yet. It's getting to be that's all we can expect from you.

    Rep, your ideology is responsible for 100,000,000 murders. Saner people must finally be catching on, causing the number of useful idiot liberal sheep you can hide behind to dwindle. They must be declining for you wingnuts to have gone so openly fascistic in the last year.

    How does it feel to be not simply a troll, but a troll for the sinister wingers Rep?


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