Friday, July 17, 2009

Go, Tom, Go!

One of Golf's most classy players, Tom Watson, is tied for the lead of the British Open.

He shot a 65 the first day, and was in a 4or5 way tie for first.

At the end of the second day, he was the only one of those to remain in the lead as he shot par 70 while the others didn't fare so well in the weather. There are still two more days to go. You can do it Tom! You can do it in your sleep. You won the Brit Open five times before. The last time you were still a pup and under 40.

Oh, Tom doesn't usually play with the regular pros. He's been on the Senior tour for a decade now. That last major win was 26 years ago. That's right. This man is 59. Fifty-nine.

The following is a public service reminder.
As you hear nasty things about the ØCare plan DC is trying to force down the throats of us all -- such as: mandatory suicide counseling for all medicare recipients -- remember that sometimes even seniors can still teach the youngsters a thing or two.

Now, let us return to our joyous moment, however long they allow us we have left.

Go Tom: Go!

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