Monday, July 13, 2009

The Emmanuel Goldsteining of Sarah P

The Emmanuel Goldsteining of Sarah P is what I conclude has been an ongoing two step process we have been observing and often participating in.
  1. The statists and their media want us to focus on Sarah Palin to get the focus off them.
  2. They seem to want us to think of her as the embodiment of their opposition.
For those who do not recall details of George Orwell's novel "1984" I will mark* them as I mention them below: Emmanuel Goldstein* was the alleged leader of the opposition to the ruling party of the novel's totalitarian country. I say alleged because it was not clear if he exists or ever existed. He simply serves as the whipping boy for all bad things. And good party members were expected to participate in daily cathartic exercises called "The Two Minutes Hate"* in which images of Goldstein and his brotherhood* and allies were flashed across media (Ministry of Truth*) controlled viewing screens* everywhere (really everywhere) in the country.

I decided to write of this today because someone made the following proposal which seems to be the generic wish of most people who would rather focus on solving problems than the politicians who exploit them.
"There are a lot more important, even dire, issues we face right now. ... Certainly, our politicians have more important things to discuss right now than Palin’s future." -- Rob
I attempted to point out to Rob, "Well, good luck with that" It is not as if it is we who determine what the Ministry of Truth and party hacks will consider important and promote into a brouhaha. Another pointed out the threatened trials of GWB and his officials would also become prominent; they would be persecuted in show-trials such as those endured by alleged members of "The Brotherhood."*

Look. I know there are people who think George Orwell’s dystopic vision is passé for any of a number of reasons, some reasonable, some silly. Nevertheless, Sarah P, whether she or we like it or not, appears to be serving as our ruling class’ Emmanuel Goldstein.

If only she was subjected to simply two minutes hate every day.

It’s more like an industry has sprung up to deliver to us some variation of it 24/7. And it’s been going on every single day for coming up on a full year. Will there be a first anniversary doubleplus* hate session? Count on it!

(How about, instead, a first anniversary memorial session to remind us that once, long ago, it was still okay to be normal?)

She has so been the target of BOTH party’s core leadership that it is bordering on proof positive that the “two” parties share the same central command office.

It has become cliché to say that aiming at Sarah is deliberate so as to divert our focus from the widespread thefts and multifaceted constitutional violations. Well, duh!

Bottom line: The attention directed at Sarah is so obviously diversionary, it is logical to expect that if any birth certificate is eventually made public, it will be hers.


  1. og, Pasc saying the the dear Sarah's detective work, ferreting out the death panels, saved mankind from it's slow walk to the death camps?

  2. "The same skewed thinking that supports a Saddam-9/11 link explains the power of health-care myths."

    It is really quite scary, the delusion so many cons are immersed in.

    Crusade anyone?


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