Monday, July 06, 2009

Abnormal Futurists

The oddly constructed word postmodern was invented by "Progressives" to refer to the future they envision. It is mostly a suggestive word.

Whereas normal people say "but who can really foretell the future," after they tell us of their plans and wishes, "Progressives" know normal people may not like their plans. So when they observe that some thing or action is to their liking, rather than become enthralled and proclaim: "Yay! That's more like it!", they may observe that it is postmodern, and then laugh and say "whatever that means."

To comprehend how postmodernist thinking incrementally assails normal thought, notice how often you hear "whatever that means" whenever somebody uses the adjective normal. Indeed, did you use it before completing that sentence? That is a postmodernist reflex inculcated into us by those who we have permitted to dominate our culture.

The more you think about postmodern, it is hard to imagine a word that better proves how abnormal "Progressives" and their goals for the future are.

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