Sunday, July 12, 2009


Altruistic ==► Casuistic ==► Craven ==► Shameless ==► Brazen ==►[TBD]

The decline of the seemingly intelligent Progressives, "blessed" with an abundance of influence, money and power, is one of life's very sad ironies.

Progressives have so bought into the idea of population growth being a zero sum game, they've been blind to their inevitable fate due their contribution to the progress of Zero's home game.

BTW, Zero may aptly fit the current puppet of the power-mad, but it is to another, older Zero to which I allude.


  1. Perhaps you misunderstand the Progressive agenda. To establish heaven on earth, all existing institutions must be leveled, so that new and better ones can take their place. But lacking the Lord's wisdom, they have no idea what new or better institutions would even look like. They plan to leave us no choice in the matter, though; if they destroy the institutions, we will be forced to accept their substitutes.

    The destruction is, therefore, the thing. They're not blind to it. They relish it. They're desperate to achieve it.

    I've seen this time and time again on a smaller scale: mainstream Protestant churches. Liberals come in; they take over; the tithing faithful leave; the church dies; the liberals move on to find other churches to wreck. The destruction is the thing. If the church doesn't accomodate liberalism, they'll tear it apart. The church is just as good to them dead as alive.

    Ask yourself why an American liberal who values women's rights would side, over and over again, with a religion that treats women worse than cattle? Where is the common enemy that throws them together?

    They share a hatred of the Lord. One worships a false god who is not (despite GWB's lame apologies) the Christian God. The other worships another false god: their own inerrant wisdom.

    Don't think they won't tear America apart.

  2. Lee, I don't believe I could have said it better. I'm happy in fact that I wasn't clear because I wouldn't have known of your opinion and of it being so close to mine.

    For instance, you might look at this:
    to see how much we agree.

    My commentaries on postmodernism also concerns them deeply. Click the keyword in the left column of my blog.

    I loaded this particular entry with puns, double entendres, metaphors and similes, all in a very short space. It was a near parody, except I was more OPEN in my contempt for them than they have publicly been of us. And of course there is that final analogy to the oldest deceiver.

    I may have been clearer had I labeled that chain of events at the top "The Progressives' changing face."

    The first face is all the naive ever see: the benign planner.

    The second is when explaining to those who begin to question: the bender of moral precepts; the excuse inventor.

    The third is the face that their opponents have always seen for ages. The craven SOBs rarely ever admit to their scheming except in flashes that appeared like gloating -- and then quickly withdrawn, as if in jest.

    But the fourth and fifth face made their appearance only recently, and in very rapid succession, leading me to predict that a new one cannot be far off.

  3. This following is the proper way to have written the first sentence of my last comment so as to remove any ambiguity:

    "Lee, I don't believe I could have said what you said any better."

    LOL. After I reread the sentence which followed the first sentence, it sounded like I was DELIBERATELY unclear. I wasn't. I was simply saying there was a bright side to my being unclear.

    It's the optimist in me -- which is not always apparent given the subjects I address.

  4. Pasc, what is wrong with progressiveness? Do you want to continue living in the dark ages? When the crops fail or the moon crosses in front of the sun do you want to attribute that to God? He is from a by gone era. When events were overwhelming, when there was no other place to turn, we turned to Him. We now know better. And sure, if we want to explain the creation of the universe as by Him, many of us can live with that. But a personal God, like in the bible, like in the Koran, certainly is not the case. As Einstein said in a letter to a friend, "the word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish.". Sure he may of believed in a God, but a God that walked off after creating the universe. In that case, God does not matter, does not require worship, no heaven, no hell.

    Let's grow up. Let's progress. Progress does not mean communism. We have learned, communism does not work. The left learns. The right does not seem to, as they are conservatives, and by definition prefer the old ways.

    My choice of [TBD] would be "Enlightened", but of course that is not where your [TBD] is headed. Are you looking to the past again for your [TBD]?

  5. How would like to defend this story, Ray? Being such a sterling example of "progress" by those plying their journalist trade, I figured you want to hop right in.

    The man's body could hardly have been cold yet, but these two Flintoid reporters would have us infer from their leave-no-stone-unturned-investigative reporting that he deserved the death penalty for excessive citations of jaywalking and other left-wing instigated persecutions. Albeit, having been carried out by extraordinarily means, he still deserved it based on their exhaustive listings.

    Such "Progressives" could hardly be more brazen without already have passed onto the next decrement of "progress."

  6. JC Pasc, I missed you.

    I glimpsed the story you refer to. So, are the pussy libs starting to take a stand? What are you inferring?


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