Friday, October 20, 2017

You Lie to Yourself At Your Own Peril

Telling anyone that they lie to themselves at their own peril ought to be obvious to anyone with two brain cells with which to comprehend what will happen when one steps in front of a speeding bus.

So then, why do we do lie to ourselves so often?  I think from observation that herd mentality is far worse than most any of us want to believe.

Despite my constant non suppression of asserting that death cultists must exert great influence in powerful circles, even I have still succumb to the urge to suppress lesser observations that I expect to generate reactions I rather not face. And in the long run, I also suspect that the likely outcome to the lesser observations being left unnoted is that their threats will grow larger and, thus, the downsides then would likely be worse by far.

So I know I've been guilty.

How about you?


  1. The problem stems from most people thinking they should be like most people. Anyway, that's what "they" say -- and you can't argue with they!

    1. Yes. Fail to speak up and the foolishness of what "they say" sails on uncontested.

      The problem you identified at your link is made worse by those whom fear being shunned by Them for saying even something as small as "wait just a moment and think about it more."

      Our two pieces meld together to help explain how those who would rule us need so much for the bulk of us to say nothing to each other.

      Societal decay due to lack of responsible discussion, let alone valid critiques.


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