Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Weinstein Episode Missing -- Law & Order, SVU

Somehow I suspect that series producer Dick Wolf won't be using this big story for his cannon fodder in any timely fashion -- if at all.

Ace has it:New York City DA Scrambles to Blame NYPD for Not Prosecuting Harvey Weinstein; NYPD Says They're Lying

I'll not highlight any of the details you'll find at the link. Ace deserves the traffic.

The reason I bring this up here is because of the wide scope of the scandal.

Government and entertainment big-wigs / celebs are deeply implicated. And all the rest of what we call the Soviet-Style Media (SSM) will do its usual gymnastics to protect its most graced apparatchiks and try to limit the damage.

The SSM perform the informational equivalent of the Jesuits at the Sorbonne whom Blaise Pascal exposed. If the internet commentators do their job, more of these a$$hats in media will go down with many in the NY DA hierarchy and in Hollywood.

It's our duty in trying to claw back decency in our society!

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